Which Common SEO Mistakes Will Cost You Money?

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SEO services for the blogs or your articles can be tricky if not done properly, it so happens that due to not following the proper SEO techniques, it is most likely to get disrupted and becomes devoid of any earnings. 

Lack of SEO knowledge, common SEO mistakes or lack of proper implementation to the blogs or articles may cost you zero lead generation. 

Most people lose hope due to uncertainties, therefore quitting the game amidst a crisis of failed SEO serviced articles is no less than a nightmare.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the major mistakes done while optimizing your content with affordable SEO services. We will ensure that by the end of the article you will be able to identify the Common SEO Mistakes and then will be able to trace and retract the glitch successfully.

Poor Web Development/Navigation

Poor Web Development/Navigation

One important aspect to make your content sell is to operate it with an excellently designed website, it becomes so that people press exit when they find out the website isn’t user-friendly. 

Creating a user-friendly website is the key goal, moreover, a website needs proper navigation and the page should look immaculately adequate. 

It is a big common SEO mistake when the website is made without any prior knowledge about user experience and is being created in a hurry.

Before attempting to create a website, the user interface designer must conduct research that will solve all the problems. 

Perks of researching before designing a webpage will enable you to get relevant information from the users on how they would want a webpage to look like and how it can be made an easily accessible user-friendly site. 

This is one of the topmost mistakes bloggers make while developing a website. 

Therefore it should be noted that the webpage must look decent with all the relevant requirements from the user itself.

 You should never attempt to create a webpage according to your own needs, this may result in a greater disaster for your initiative. Hence, make sure your website is user-friendly, and to do so, conduct proper research.

Keyword Stuffing Aviod The Common SEO Mistakes

Keyword Stuffing Avoid The Common SEO Mistakes

People nowadays are desperate to rank their page in the google list. To do so, they tend to stuff their keywords all around the webpage.  

Stuffing in a lot of keywords all around the content page looks unnatural and it becomes difficult to read. A content page deriving a stuffed keyword is most likely to get penalized by Google and the webpage will not show up in the search engine. 

Nevertheless, if in any case the readers are navigated to your content, the majority of them will exit the site due to its unnatural content.

It should be heeded that the readers are looking for information that will satiate their needs, but if the information is unnatural and unethical, the content will never get popular as well as it will be devoid of any sort of earnings.

Therefore, do not stuff your keywords all over the webpage unnecessarily, you are a content creator, you are supposed to deliver excellence in your service, people searching for information must feel that your webpage has strong content and they will rely on it. This is how you build trust amongst your readers.

Hence, strictly no to keyword stuffing, say yes to factual and excellent articles and blogs, and See wonders happen to your honest work.  

Mobile Not Seo Friendly Website 

Mobile Not Seo Friendly Website 

Having an original, factual, and interesting article is not enough. In most cases, the content put up on the web page is capable of grabbing the attention of the higher audience but fails due to not having a mobile-friendly website.

The content creator here becomes careless while developing a web page for the content. 

The excitement in creating a platform for showcasing the skills may lead to forgetfulness of important things to keep in mind while preparing a web page.

It is a known fact that using mobile phones is the fastest way to get any information. Mobile phones are handy and portable. 

Not everyone uses a PC, rather it is safe to say that everyone possesses mobile phones and most of their job is getting done in these pocket phones themselves. 

Not having a proper mobile & user-friendly website is tantamount to losing gigantic money. The majority of people use their mobile to access information, and if the web page is not at all mobile-friendly then the user may choose another web page over yours.

So ensure that your website is both desktop and mobile-friendly, therefore making it easier for the information gatherers to access all the potential details they are looking for. If your site is not mobile-friendly, make one today.

Always have a look at your site while developing whether or not the webpage is perfect for both mobile and desktop. 

Do Not Go Off-Topic 

Do Not Go Off-Topic 

Readers are looking for specific content, never going off the topic. Going off the topic will make the readers bored and will not satiate their needs.

For instance, just assume the readers are here on your webpage to get details about dogs and their breed. You are definitely supposed to write content on the types of dogs and their breedings. 

You shall never write anything related to cats or their breeds. This may lead to off-topic content. 

If at all you want to give extra information, do make fresh content on it and give a link on the page, if users feel they want to read it they may click on the link to read the extra information as well.

 This, in short, will allow you traffic on both the contents, hence making it more effective for the readers.

Therefore, make sure you stick to the topic consistently throughout the end, never add any extra information which has the potential to be completely different content. 

So make sure you dedicate a section only for the extra information, hence making it fresh content.

People search for relevant information desperately to gain knowledge or to develop the inspiration for their own content, so be steady and consistent with your topic.

Moreover, you are supposed to do blogging niche research before even considering starting blogging. 

Avoid jargons Try Aviod the Common SEO Mistakes

Avoid jargons Try Aviod the Common SEO Mistakes

Keep your content readable, do not show off your hard English skills. Each reader is looking for content that is easy to understand.

Using a lot of jargon and technical words will eliminate your content in the eyes of your reader, moreover, you will lose plenty of potential readers due to not using simple words. 

Jargons will defect your content due to a lack of understanding for the readers. it should be noted that keeping your content stuffed with a lot of technical words will lead to failed content.

Content should be made in such a manner that the reader understands each word immaculately, so adequate content with simple and understandable words must be used to make your web page a piece of readable friendly information.

Using jargon is tantamount to letting your competitors acquire your readers to their web page. 

It is too obvious that if the reader is no more interested in reading hard-looking, technical words, they will most probably exit your page to look for another piece of information.

Therefore, make your writings lenient and understandable, jargon may look awesome for you, but it feels equally disturbing for your readers. 

Do Not Plagiarize It Damage Website

Copying the content from another source may cost you your life, do not ever copy the content from any other sources.

If you want to take information from another source, you must give a link to their website as well, giving credits to your shared content is what matters the most here. 

Everyone can simply copy and paste, but google does not approve of this ability as it is an unethical move to copy the content made by other people, as it is their original work and you cannot claim authority over their content.

At times, you will be needing information from other content creators as well, here is what you can do. 

Make sure, you give credits to the original author and give navigation to their website as a link to their taken content.

Google will not appreciate the act of unethical move of copy-pasting the content of other people. But at the same time, Google will rank your page in the search engine if you give credits to the original author of the content. 

So, make sure your content is original, plagiarism checker should help you check its originality and give credits to people if required.

Wrapping Up Some Of The Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid  

 The Most Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid  

The above-mentioned reasons stand as the common SEO mistakes content creators tend to make largely when developing content. 

Therefore be aware of all these mistakes and try to correct them with a greater act of reformation, so that you are back in the game much stronger than before. 

Be aware of all the technical issues while creating the contents, make your readers happy, and be enlightened with your content so much so that they come back again to your webpage searching for other relevant information.

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