Jumia One App Review: Get Instant Free N1000 Naira & Unlimited Cashback with Jumia One App

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Jumia One App Review is the combination of services ranging from bill payments, hotel and ticket bookings, shopping, real estate and every other service offered by Jumia into a single app. Jumia ranks as Africa’s largest e-commerce platform and is known to offer one of the widest range of services.

Jumia One App Review

Jumia introduced its Jumia One App in 2018 and it stands as the result of the merger of JumiaPay, Jumia Travel, Jumia Food, Jumia Party, and Jumia Flex, however, the Jumia One App does more than allowing you to perform all operations in one app.

It is also a money making app where individuals can make money through referrals.

In this article, you will find the Jumia One App Review and How to Get Instant Free N500 Naira & Unlimited Cashback with Jumia One App.

What is the Jumia One App

Jumia One App Review

By now you should already know what the Jumia One App Review is all about. However, the Jumia One App isn’t gaining much buzz just because it allows you to pay bills, the app is loved by many because it comes from one of the most secure and trusted companies (Jumia) and has an instant refund function that assures users of the security of their money.

Unlike many other apps, it does not charge a fee for payment of bills like cable bills and electricity bills.

Features of Jumia One App Review

Airtime Cashback Jumia One App Review

Pay Bills

With the Jumia One App, you can easily pay for electricity and cable bills. You can also purchase airtime and data with the click of a button.

The good news is that you wouldn’t be charged any fees for using the app to make such payments and you will be offered discounts on your payments. Buying airtime and data with the Jumia App gets even better.

You will get 5% cash back of the total amount of airtime or data you purchase.


Another feature of the Jumia One App is that you can shop on it. Whether you’re shopping for groceries, snacks, laptops, electronics or phone accessories you can place your orders directly from the Jumia One App and get your order delivered to your doorstep.

Jumia Travel

Jumia Travel allows you to book flights and hotels in any part of Nigeria without hassle. It has now been integrated into the Jumia One App and is considered to be one of the best features of the App.

This is not just because of the top-notch search software that it uses to find hotels and flights at the right time and place but also because of the massive 30% discounts you will get.

Real Estate

Renting or buying of houses could never be easier. The Jumia One App gives you access to the best available spaces for you to rent or buy regardless of your location.

You will be provided with all the necessary details including the price and location of the apartment and the contact details of the seller.

Buy Tickets

With the Jumia One App, you can purchase bus tickets and cinema tickets. The available options include some of the most popular cinemas and transport companies in Nigeria.

Other Features

  • The Jumia One Apps allows you to find top restaurants around you; these are likely restaurants with the most exquisite cuisines.
  • You can also find the Deals of the day on the app. These deals consist of the best discounts on shopping items for a particular day; they are culled from the most popular items on the Jumia Shopping platform.
  • The Jumia One App allows you to place bets on some of the most popular betting sites.
  • If you want to access social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Tinder, then you should check out the Jumia One App
  • Another feature is that it allows you to download songs and games and also request for loans from a large number of service providers.

How To Make Money From The Jumia One App Review

Make Money with Jumia One App Review

To make money from the Jumia One App is very easy and all you have to do is to refer a friend. Jumia pays you N500 for each person referred and there is no limit on the number of persons you can refer.

How To Get Started

  1. To get started you can download the Jumia One App here
  2. Once installed, you will be asked to choose your country
  3. Click on the “next” button and you will be directed to the main page of the app
  4. Click on Login and type in your login details (If you have created an account using the Jumia Shopping Platform or any other Jumia service, you can still make use of that account on the Jumia One App. Those without accounts will have to create a new account).
  5. When logged in, you will see a #0 wallet balance. Below you will find a menu. Click on “invite a friend” and you will be directed to a page where you will be provided with your referral code

Note Jumia offers N500 referral bonus for each friend you refer, however, your friend must complete a purchase before you can get your referral bonus. This purchase could be for airtime, data, utility bills, booking of hotels or flights or any other service offered on the Jumia One App.

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There are more bonuses to come as Jumia gives your friend 20% cashback bonuses (it is normally around 5%) on their first transaction, however, your friend must spend a minimum of N200 to qualify.

Where To Share Your Referral Link

You can share your Jumia One App Referral code anywhere. However, the most popular places are WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and many other popular social media platforms.

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Note: If a friend signs up through your referral link and doesn’t complete a purchase, you won’t get your referral bonus.

Wrapped Up Jumia One App Review

The Jumia One App is one of the best multipurpose apps and that is why it is also referred to as a lifestyle app. The app doesn’t just offer a lot of services it also offers a more affordable way to use these services.

Its referral system is one of the most transparent referral programs in the country and with it, you can start making as much as you want depending on the number of friends you are able to refer.

That’s all on our Jumia One App Review, you can download the app to begin enjoying the benefits.

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