Is eGifter legit for PayPal and gift card redeem

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Is egifter legit?  The website is the top gift card dealer, well popularized with various trending gift cards such as amazon, iTunes, Paypal l et.c their operation and web interface is quiet friendly for their user.

Unfortunately that their customer must have experience one challenges or the other. So this article will review Is eGifter legit for PayPal and gift card redeem. Read top trending customer review about eGiter till end.

Customer Reviews about eGifter Legitimacy

Egifter is a great website when it comes to card sales and card purchase. They sell all kind of kinds from all kind of website including Amazon.

Many have had their own share of both the good sides and bad side of using egifter as we all know, nothing is perfect.

Here are some of the reported reviews you can get to tell you about the services of egifter based on both PayPal services and gift card redemption.

Is eGifter legit, Customer Review 1

The first review is not a great one, a first time user tried egifter as he was finding a way to get a gift card for his grandchild birthday. After finding a suitable card on egifter he landed on a pay page and he decided to use PayPal as he will forever regret till this day.

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After paying he received congratulations and thank you for a message for using the service only to be called back later to the website to see a failed purchase. First, it was very confusing because he was very sure he had seen payment successfully and he could move on. But next, it was something else.

He Trusted PayPal and egifter was new so he was already getting the feeling that he had made a bad choice. He had always used PayPal and he had never had any problems so he called the line and they answered, they listened to him, checked the problem, and confirmed that the purchase and payment were authorized.

With a feeling of both relief and confusing he called egifter. They checked what was going on and they apologized for the lack of communication and they blamed PayPal for the problem.

The same PayPal he trusted. They asked him to pick another payment method.

This means that the first payment is gone!! He dropped egifter. He wondered if egifter was legit for PayPal and if they were, why would they blame each other for poor service.

Is eGifter legit, Customer Review 2

A woman complained of egifter as she claimed that they were horrible at gift card redemption. She accused them of stealing her money of over $70 worth of Bitcoin and they or rather never redeemed the card, as a matter of fact, it never came to her. She claimed that she has an answer to the question is egifter legit? NO!

Is eGifter legit, Customer Review 3

A customer and egifter user bought an eBay Gift Card, but he made a mistake of not doing good research on how gift cards work. He didn’t know the gift card he was getting could not be used outside. When he found out it was already late but he still didn’t know this so he calls the customer service.

The laid he complain and he was told that he couldn’t get a refund but he could swap it for one he could use so he provided them with his order number.

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He felt a bit of relief as he was told that. As he agreed to do the swap to the card he could use after many frustrating moments. An email came from the customer service that the card was claimed already so they could not be a swap. He was so angry because he had waited so long.

Obviously, egifter didn’t satisfy him the slightest. So for this user, is egifter legit? NO!

Is eGifter legit, Customer Review 4

A woman wanted to buy a gift for a co-worker but she is a very busy and probably Grinch person especially when it is the holidays plus she isn’t too good at shopping either, she wanted to get a gift for a co-worker but she forgot to stop by the gift store to buy one.

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Then she just simply gifted him a gift card from egifter and he could buy anything he wanted. So for her egifter was great and highly recommended. So this user, is egifter legit? Yes!

Is eGifter legit Customer Reviews 5

In this review, the user just tried his luck even when he had seen so many bad reviews about egifter, but he still wanted to give it a try anyway.

He looked at the procedures and saw that they were a bit straight forward and thought, what could possibly go wrong. He assumed many who had had issues were because of their personal errors and mistakes, so he decided to give it a try.

His gift car payment didn’t take much time and it was smooth, as a matter of fact, it took 45mins or even less to complete.

Then he waited for the gift card to validate. Though it took the time it did without issues. It all worked out fine. He was able to do everything he wanted to do including making purchases he wanted to make.

Is eGifter legit, Customer Review 6

A user claims that he received an already redeemed Skype voucher. Says egifter is a scam. For this person, is egifter legit? No.

Is eGifter legit, Customer Review 7

This user claims to have read all the negative and discouraging news on egifter but still decided to give it a try. He got his gift cards without any issues as it took barely an hour for the gift cards to arrive and he loved the fact that they do offer points on everything you purchase with them.

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Also, they love the fact that after lets you buy multiple cards at the same time. For him egifter a yes.

Is eGifter legit, Customer Review 8

Jeff doesn’t understand why egifter is getting so many bad reviews from different people at different websites and even people around him.

He has been using the gift for a long time now and there have not been any issues. His only problem is they don’t usually have iTunes card which he would love to give to his son. He had to look for an alternative so he gifted an Amazon card instead.

Verdict On Egifter Reviews 2019: Is eGifter Legit

Many people have had so many reviews on egifter so many bad and so many goods. Sometimes it could be the fault of the user and other times egifter might be doing a bad job. The question is egifter legit? Yes, they are and they are not a scam website.

Is it great for gift card redemption? not very great as they accept people Bitcoin and they don’t get any cards. Many have tried and got their cards.

I hope article has really clear your misperception about eGifter Legitimacy? If yes kindly share this post on your social media or do you have any question kindly drop your comments we do respond every comment on our blog.

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