HOW TO Earn #1000 from Zoto App Using Mutiple Account

After you have successfully gotten #700 from you first recharge in case you miss the post check it zoto apps tricks updates ways to make money and airtime up to 40k from zoto appreviled

Now to get another #1000

Android phone

  • Sim card { a new Sim you want to recieve the #600 }
  • Mail address
  • Few data { Mb }
  • Zoto apk
  • Parallel space apk

Step 1

Download and install Parallel space.
Parallel space apk Here

Step 2

Switch on your data connection and open the installed parallel space.

Step 3

Now tap the plus { + } sign, mark Zoto and tap add to parallel space.

How to earn #1000 from zoto app in nigeria

Now go back and tap the Zoto app

How to earn #1000 from zoto app in nigeria

Setup 4.

Follow the below steps:

  • Input your mobile number and confirm.
  • Verify your mobile number with the OTP code.
  • Input your details and confirm ( use a mail address that has not been used)
  • Scroll down and claim your gift { #600 }.

If you follow all process and step above

You will surely get you Cashback for both your first(original) and second (duplicate) account

Note: when you clone the zoto app, provide new email n number u have not used for zoto signup before

You must used your own referring code generated from your first account in referrer box

This trick can be repeated. If you wish to repeat this trick, just delete the Zoto app in the parallel space { by holding the Zoto app and drawing it to the basket/bucket located at the down left side of your screen } and add it again. Or by clearing parallel space app data and follow the tutorial all over again.

Make sure you have some amount in your bank account, this is not a mean of frauding anybody money, I do it and it is real, zoto is verified n approved by Nigeria government and banks, so don’t be panic.

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