Adsense Manual Ads Vs Auto Ads performance for Publishers

Formally When AdSense was newly made it was just Manual ads which means you’re to manually generate your ads codes and place in any area of your choice. but on the long run, Google AdSense introduced another Ads format which is Auto Ads, and ever since then lot’s of bloggers and AdSense fans has been wandering on which ads type is best for fast earning and that gives birth to our title ” Google AdSense auto Ads performance “

Personally, before putting of this article, I have read many Google AdSense auto ads experience online and part of what I have Learnt with my own personal experience is what am gonna share with you in this article about AdSense auto ads performance perhaps to let you know which is better between AdSense auto ads and manual placement.

But before we continue to the topic let me briefly explain what they both means for newbies sake.

What is Google AdSense auto Ads?

AdSense auto Ads was introduced by Google AdSense February 2018 to ease google AdSense auto Ads performance issues and also increase publishers revenue according to google.

With the AdSense auto ads you can just place one Ads code in your blog Head section and that’s all as Google AdSense will take care of the rest displaying your Ads to your site users when and where needed.

The auto Ads machine strategically place ads in the best potion that will fit the Ads.

How to generate AdSense auto Ads code

To generate your auto Ads, login to your AdSense account and click on the AdSense menu from your dashboard then select Ads you will see the auto ads option.

google AdSense auto Ads performance

When you click on Auto Ads you will see the option to generate Ads Code. After generating your Code you can now place inside from your site and Google will take care of the rest.

What is Google AdSense Manual Ads

The Manual ads are the one you generate and place in any position you would want to show ads.

If your Ads isn’t placed on pages of your site, Ads won’t show up there unlike Auto Ads where ads show at random in every area of your site fit for Ads.

The Manual ad’s placement is the generally and well know ads type used by most publishers.

having learnt this, you might be wondering about the AdSense Auto ads performance it’s better than Manual ads placement. Let’s see to that.

What type of Adverts does Auto Ads displays

The auto Ads also show a different type of ads format based on how lengthy the texts on your page content.

The AdSense auto ads show both Text, Banners and Video ads just like when you use the manual method.

But in the Case of Auto ads you aren’t gonna determine ads size and type instead they do that automatically and place your ads on which position that fit them most.

AdSense Auto Ads performance

I have to do a whole lot’s of readings online to see what other people are saying about Google AdSense auto Ads performance but among all, I see no good reason why you should use auto ads on your website. here are some links of those who took time to do the experiment.

There are majorly three disadvantages of this Auto Ads.

  • No control over Ads

    Most of the AdSense auto ads are been placed under the end of an article: which is not too good as that will generate low revenue.

    If you’ve been using AdSense you will understand better the power of strategic placement when it comes to increasing your AdSense earning. How then can auto Ads help when most of your ads will even be placed in positions where your readers won’t even notice them talk more about of clicking.

  • Low Earning Report:

    Personally, I haven’t tested AdSense auto ads because the testimonies online show that AdSense auto ads performance is extremely poor as earning dropped drastically when used according to testifiers.

    According to AdSense Ninja after 40days of comparing the Manual and AdSense Auto Ads performance, (manually placed ads) earned $260.32, while Google’s Auto Ads made $161.36 during the same period, with an equal number of page views.

    google AdSense auto Ads performance

  • Bad Readers Experience:

    Sometimes the type of Ads AdSense will display on your page won’t fit your current theme and this will cause your readers to be annoyed on the way you ads shows.

    But when you manually place your Ads, you can easily take control over them to show the types of ads that best fit your current theme instead of allowing AdSense to do it automatically.

Auto ads and manual Placement which is better?

It’s very clear that you can earn more money when you run AdSense manually than the auto.

Come to think of it: Where AdSense begin to use their machines on your site to detect ads positions do you think that can be favourable? Like I said earlier “You ads might be displayed in areas your readers won’t even notice them”

If you want to display AdSense ads randomly or in any position you can use some Ads plugins like Wp Quard to strategically show ads on your website and in any position of your choice.

Should I try Auto Ads?

Yes, you can give Google AdSense auto Ads performance a try to see if it goes well for the type of blogging niche and design you’ve got.

Even one-week testing is enough to know which one works best for you.

Wrapping Up: AdSense auto Ads performance

The only Advantage I can tell when it comes to using auto Ads is that fact that it can help prevent AdSense banned for new users who haven’t learnt to place ads codes on their websites to avoid violating policies.

Like I have said above you can give the auto Ads a try to see if it work fine for you but to the majority it’s trash.

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