Getbarter Alternative- Wema Bank Alert The Best solution to digital Banking in Nigeria

It’s been a while I’ve been searching for a good Getbarter Alternative where I can create virtual credit Cards for online use in Nigeria without issues. And every single search I make always yield nothing.


I was making research about getbarter Alternative not because getbarter aren’t rendering great services but sometimes I don’t actually get what I want from them so I needed to look for other better means of making things possible as desired.

A few days ago I was introduced to a recently made Nigerian Websites where you can also create virtual credit cards for online use or even make them Real ATM cards for physical use. It’s really awesome which we shall be discussing in this article but before then let me show you what getbarter is so you won’t get lost in this article if you’re a newbie.

Getbarter Alternative: What’s Getbarter

Due to the fact that many Nigerian Bank Cards get rejected when transacting online, Getbarter becomes an answer where you can make virtual Visa Card for online Use.

With Getbarter you can Create Credit Cards and you will get your Card number, Cvv and expiry date instantly and those details are what you can then use in making purchases online even from foreign stores since they provide Dollar Visa Cards.

You can fund your Getbarter Cards with your normal Naira card at Dollar rate. You can withdraw the current balance from your Getbarter account back to your local bank account. There’s no limit to the amount you can fund in your card but the lowest you need in your wallet to create your first card is $10.

You cannot create Multiple Cards from Getbarter instead you can only make one card from one dashboard and you can terminate your Card at will. Once your current card is terminated your Card balance returns to your wallet which you can use in creating a new card.

When it comes to paying Google AdWords, Google play store, Facebook Adverts and other bills in Nigeria getbarter have always been the best solution not until few months ago when Wema Alat was introduced.

What is Wema Alat?

This is a Fully functional digital bank in Nigeria where you can do all transactions just like your normal bank without been physically present.

Alat allows you to open a fully functional bank account right from your mobile phone without even going to the bank to fill any form.

With Alat you can pay all bills, do transactions and even order your ATM card and get it delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria for free. And this ATM card you can use in making a physical withdrawal.

When you open Wema alat Bank you will get your personal account number which you can use in receiving payments. There are so much more you would want to learn about wema alat, you can check out the FAQ page.

How’s Wema Alat Getbarter Alternative?

Wema alat is not just getbarter Alternative but better than Getbarter in every aspect.

Comparing Wema Alat with Getbarter.

  • Wema Alat gives you a functional virtual Bank while Getbarter only gives you Virtual Credit Cards
  • Wema Alat gives you both Dollar and Naira ATM card for online purchases while Getbarter only gives Dollar cards
  • With Alat You can get your ATM card delivered to you for physical use on any ATM machine while you can only use barter Cards for online transactions.
  • Since Alat is a bank you can make transactions to other banks and also receive Payments, do necessary transactions and also pay bills while you can’t do such with Getbarter.
  • The main reason why we say Alat is getbarer alternative even when it does with more function is the fact that both of them provides virtual Dollar Cards.

Have you been looking for a better way to make dollar Cards to pay Google AdWords, Google playstore, Facebook adverts and other online bills? then Alat is the trending solution better than Getbarter with other amazing functions as explained above.

How to open Wema Alat Bank

Before you open Alat account you must have your BVN ready because it’s required and some other documents such as your national ID card, Voters Card, Passport photograph, Utility Bill etc. which am sure you got them all..

follow the sign up link and fill in your phone number then continue to the next step to get started with the registration.

After that you can now complete other registration forms.


After completing your registration, you can now login your Alat Account and do the rest settings from your dashboard.

Getbarter Alternative

Wema Alat VS Getbarter Registration

While Wema alat requires many details for successful registration since it’s a complete bank account Getbarter Requires fewer registration details because it’s only for virtual Cards.

There’s nothing Your physical bank can do which your Wema alat account can’t handle that makes it a real bank account in a digital format.

What about funding your Wema alat account?

You can ask your friends to transfer funds to you. You can start receiving payment immediately your account is fully set up.

You can go to the closest Wema Bank to fund your account. Preferably funding it by transferring funds from other accounts remains more convenient.

The Available funds you have in your wallet is what you can spend in paying bills, sending to others, Making online payment etc.

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If you want to receive Payments from friends and family to your alat account all you will do is send them your account Name and account number which is boldly displayed on your dashboard upon successful recitation.

Once they make their transfer you will get the money straight to your alat account.

Wema Alat Referral Program

Alat also allows you to earn some certain amount of commission when you refer others to use their services.

A good service is always worth recommending: You can also earn some good money just telling others about alat.

To get started Join me on ALAT with this referral code QGUWXX and you could make some money too. Click:

and you also earn %5 commission of your alat savings. so hurry now and start saving , and referring others to alat while you earn money .

Wrapping Up: Getbarter Alternative- Wema Alat Review

With this article you’ve been introduced to a fast and convenient way to open another bank account online without reaching to the bank.

You now have Getbarter Alternative to create your Dollar Card for online use without issues. You can also make your real ATM card for free and get it delivered to any location in Nigeria.

Sign of for Alat today and start enjoying complete banking with your mobile phone.

And lest i skip this section, You can also download the App from Google play store for easy access to your account.

Getbarter Alternative

After Completing your registration from the website you may decide to switch to app or keep using it on Web.

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