Top 7+ Trusted Free Virtual Credit Card With Money 2023 (Fast & Easy)

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Although credit cards made it possible for people to move about cashless being fully aware that they can make payments with their credit cards.

By using virtual credit cards, you don’t even need to move about with the plastic credit cards anymore.

Virtual credit cards are like online banks that allow their users to make payments upon purchases on the go regardless of the country they find themselves in.

In this 21st century, using a virtual credit card is quite common among individuals, especially when making transactions with retailers.

If you are the kind of person that involve in daily shopping, a virtual credit card should be your best friend when it comes to making payments.

The majority of banks and card issuers in different nations provide various offers and types for their credit card service. 

Getting Started With Virtual Card

Trusted Free Virtual Credit Card With Money 2022

Today, the most popular form of credit card is the physical credit card, which one can hold at hand and it comes with about 16 digit numbers and a chip on it.

Over the years, as technology keeps advancing virtual credit card was invented and it helps to prevent the production of plastic credit cards. 

In turn, this is quite a great alternative to physical credit cards.

Furthermore, there are some free virtual credit cards with money which we will discuss shortly, including their features and how you can go about them.

Meanwhile, there are a few basic things you need to understand about how a virtual credit card works before venturing into obtaining one.

You should know that a virtual credit card is quite similar to a physical credit card, just that a virtual credit card is only available for online transactions.

When using a virtual credit card, you don’t need to hold any physical card before you can be able to perform transactions.

Moreover, what you have is a credit card number and identification from the card issuer. 

What is a Virtual Card?


To a layman, we can say that a virtual card is not a physical or plastic card. 

On the other hand, a virtual card is an online payment card that has a sixteen-digit number that is similar to a credit card number, also it has a CVV code that is randomly generated by your virtual card issuer software.

Furthermore, virtual cards can be divided into two which are credit or debit cards, based on their specific functions.

Virtual Debit Card

A virtual debit card is a virtual card that contains a randomly generated number that is linked to an existing debit card account rather than a credit card.

The numbers in your virtual debit card can be used to make purchases remotely.

 Unfortunately, you cannot use it to make in-person purchases. When you make transactions with your virtual debit card, the fund will be deducted from the account that is linked to your virtual debit card.

One of the spectacular features of a virtual debit card is that people will not be able to trace the number back to the originating account or probably access money by using your virtual debit card number.

Virtual Credit Card

A virtual credit card is simply a set of 16 digits that are randomly generated by virtual card issuers; 

Also, it comes with a CVV code which makes it possible for users to make purchases of goods and services remotely. 

With a virtual credit card, you can make online payments or through the telephone, but it cannot be used to make in-person payments.

When payment is made with your virtual credit card, charges are reflected in the original card number immediately.

Just like a virtual debit card, a virtual credit card number cannot be traced back to the original card, and also it does not work after making a purchase.

The Benefits of Using these Virtual Credit Cards with Money

The Benefits of Using these Virtual Credit Cards with Money

Below are the core reasons why you need to use virtual credit cards with money:

#1. It Increases Security

When it comes to security, virtual cards are more secure than physical cards. 

People can easily fetch your physical card details but when using a virtual card, there is no way someone can log in to your virtual card issuer dashboard. 

Because of this, your virtual card details are quite secure. Also, the 16-digit card number is unique for each payment and it is designed for single use only.

One of the advantages of a virtual card is that the card cannot be stolen since it is not a physical card.

Being an online payment method, users should be aware that once you exhaust the maximum dollar amount, the card will expire.

#2. It Improves Internal Control

The majority of the companies have access to control single-issue virtual cards easily.

This is quite possible because each virtual credit card is being issued to a specific vendor and a fixed dollar amount is being attached to the virtual credit card.

Virtual credit cards are quite an easy-to-use payment alternative and your purchases will be automatically entered into the supplier’s account without the need for additional paperwork.

Also, only the owner of the virtual credit card can be able to access his card without much hassle.

#3. It Helps to Reduce ePayment Costs

After a successful virtual credit card purchase, you can freely perform a transaction without paying any transaction fee.

Some virtual credit card issuers allow users to earn cashback on monthly rebates when they make lots of transactions with their virtual credit card.

#4. You can Streamline your Account Payable Process

The technology behind virtual credit cards helps replace all the outdated and burdensome paper checks which involve lots of manual processes.

Virtual credit cards help financial institutions and account payable departments to concentrate less on payment processing since there has been an alternative electronic means that can automatically process payments.

Besides this, it also reduces the risks of human error with a streamlined accounts payable process.

Which are the Best Virtual Credit Cards in the US?

Below are the free virtual credit card with money generator website to get a free virtual credit card with money without a bank;

#1. is one of the best virtual card issuers that esteemed their security even above their company name. 

They help protect their users during online shopping by offering top-notch security.

They are quite an outstanding company that offers unique card number that works for the individual merchant alone. 

Furthermore, gives its users a turn-off subscription service with just a few clicks.


  • It has browser extensions that are very convenient for every user
  • Their card usually deletes by itself after your first usage
  • They send instant email alerts to their users upon every transaction
  • When your card gets exposed, your card will become unusable

How to Apply & Get Free Virtual Credit Card

  • Go to
  • Click on “Sign up” which is located at the top of the website
  • Fill in your details to successfully create your account
  • Follow the instruction after your registration to request a virtual credit card.

#2. Open.Money


Open. money is another awesome platform that offers security at top-notch.

 It enables both individuals and organizations to track, manage, and also control their online spending in real-time.

When it comes to intelligence, is quite a fantastic platform that helps people smartly spend their money, without the need to move about with cash or physical credit cards.


  • is a highly esteemed solution for spending money in this cashless society
  • They give their users virtual cards for every single subscription
  • They allow users to easily automate their payments
  • They offer real-time visibility for making online payments
  • While using, you can easily track all your spending in real-time.
  • They sent alerts to all their users for every single transaction

How to Apply & get Free Virtual Credit Card

  • With your browser, navigate to 
  • Click on sign up and follow the on-screen instructions to create your account
  • Next request for a virtual card right from the platform.

#3. Advcash

Advcash  virtual credit card

Advcash is another outstanding virtual card service provider which makes it possible for people to make purchases online without the need to pay with a physical card or plastic card.

This platform allows its users to transfer funds to their existing visa cards, to their email addresses, or even to other users without passing through unnecessary processes.


  • They allow users to withdraw their money from ATMs in any currency
  • Users are allowed to add multiple currencies with their single account
  • They automatically perform instant transactions across platforms
  • They have a detailed dashboard that displays all users’ transactions right inside your account dashboard.

How to Apply & get Advcash Free Virtual Credit Card

  • With your browser, go to 
  • Click on register/create an account to get started.
  • Next, verify your account and request a virtual credit card.

#4. US Unlocked


The US Unlocked is a highly rated platform that allows users to shop on U.S. websites regardless of their location;

 by using their provided Virtual Payment Cards with U.S. Billing/Shipping Addresses.

With US Unlocked virtual credit card, you will find it easy to purchase a US service like US Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc.


  • The US Unlocked virtual credit card company gives its users two different types of cards. They include: a one-time use card that cannot be reused after one transaction and the second type of card is a merchant-specific card that locks to a merchant after a transaction.
  • Depending on the country where you are accessing this platform, you can fund your account through Local Bank Transfer, Sofort, Boleto, Yandex, and other several methods that are available on the platform.

How to Apply & get the US Unlocked Free Virtual Credit  Card

  • Go to 
  • Next, click on “sign up” to create an account with the platform.
  • Upon successful account creation, follow the guide from the website to request a virtual credit card.

#5. Wise


Wise has been in existence for a very long time and currently, they have thousands of active users globally.

One feature that makes this platform outstanding is that it allows users to freeze their virtual card after making a payment.

They are among the topmost trusted platform to use when making online purchases.


  • They support users from over 30 countries
  • Users are permitted to use up to 3 cards at the same time
  • They have both business and individual accounts for their users
  • They help users securely make purchases online
  • Being a well-known platform, they support users from over 50 countries

How to Apply & Get a Wise Free Virtual Credit Card

  • Visit 
  • Click on “Sign up” to register an account with the platform
  • Next, activate your account and request a virtual card.

#6. Airtm


Airtm is another fantastic platform that helps users to make payments through virtual cards.

One of the awesome features of this platform is that users can send money online using a real exchange rate.

Also, you can use dollar currency while depositing money into your digital card.


  • Users are not mandated to keep minimum balances in their accounts.
  • They allow their users to make online purchases in any currency
  • Their 24/7 customer support service is quite superb
  • Users are permitted to add money to their account from over 800 banks
  • They accept cards that can be recharged with crypto

How to Apply & Get Airtm Free Virtual Credit Card

  • Go to 
  • With your email address and other personal information, create an account with them
  • Verify your created account and request a virtual credit card

#7. Bento


Bento is another virtual credit card provider that enables individuals and organizations to manage their expenses and spending.

They also generate and assign a virtual card to their user’s account upon request.


  • Their user’s card information is well secured in their accounts
  • Once your virtual card is issued to you, you can instantly use it
  • Only authorized users can access virtual cards
  • They offer top-notch security in their traditional physical card as well
  • Users can easily manage both virtual and physical cards with ease

How to Apply & Get Bento’s Free Virtual Credit Card

  • Navigate to 
  • Next, create an account and verify your created account.
  • Follow the on-screen guide to request a virtual credit card.


By using virtual credit cards, people can move about cashless being fully aware that they can make payments with their credit cards while on the go.

Virtual credit cards offer top-notch security and only authorized users are permitted to access your card pin and its CVV, unlike physical credit cards where intruders can view your card details.

The platform we discussed in this guide is the most widely used virtual card issuer. Feel free to obtain your virtual credit card with any of these platforms.

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