How to use Team Viewer: Download Free TeamViewer To Connect Remotely

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Download Free TeamViewer is a smart and extremely effective program that will let you take remote control of a PC through the internet.

This makes it great for retrieving forgotten files, and it is also an effective way of helping friends and family with their computer issues without leaving the comfort of your desk, Working remotely means you need access to files on network drives.

And programs from your office desktop. With TeamViewer, you get a VPN alternative that’s simple, affordable, and secure.

So you can log in to access your desktop computer remotely, no matter where you are.

TeamViewer free download

The freeware TeamViewer enables you to remotely control and maintain another computer over the Internet.

It only requires a couple of clicks to connect and, thanks to the easy operation of the program, troubleshooting problems becomes child’s play.

Is TeamViewer safe to use?

TeamViewer traffic is secured using RSA public/private key exchange and AES (256-bit) session encryption.

This technology is used in a comparable form for HTTP/SSL and is considered completely safe by today’s standards. …

Not even TeamViewer, as the operator of the routing servers, can read the encrypted data traffic.

The software can be appalled by any criminal activity; however, the source of the problem, according to research, is careless use, not a potential security breach on TeamViewer’s side, Neither was TeamViewer hacked nor is there a security hole.

TeamViewer is safe to use and has proper security measures in place.

The best practice is the Teamviewer should be careful while using the software, they are not supposed to be careless with their information.

Fast, Easy & Secure Remote Desktop Access

TeamViewer allows you to remotely access and control the desktop of your computers and servers from anywhere, on a 3G or better internet connection.

This access is device agnostic and completely secure. Any modern smartphone can now be your window to your workplace.

With the 100% free TeamViewer, you can instantly connect with another PC via the internet and remotely control and also maintain it.

If you have difficulties, you can be assisted quickly and without difficulty, even if you are not on-site. All through the connection you can chat with the partner.

TeamViewer free download

However, while mobile devices rapidly outsell conventional computers, lots of our most important information has always been stored on stationary home desktops or laptops, which never offer convenient access from just anywhere because of home firewalls.

Even when you are on a home network, having to move to one particular device on the other side of the house can be frustrating.

Software engineers have come up with a better way to gain access from a great distance.

Using a simple software program, you can see and control a remote computer on another device that you are presently using–even from a different computer network.

All you basically need is working Internet access for both devices. Several methods and applications can allow this functionality for your devices.

In this guide, we will concentrate on, a well-known program that provides compatibility with Windows, Mac, and even a number of smartphone operating systems.

Here’s how to use it.

Benefits of Using TeamViewer software

  • With the Free TeamViewer download remote access solution, you’re always just a few clicks away from your work computer. Reach your network files. Resolve unexpected problems. No matter where you happen to be.
  • Use the TeamViewer mobile app for iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile. Connect instantly from mobile devices to any remote desktop.
  • You can connect to your employees’ and customers’ computers the moment they need help and assist work-at-home employees, staff in satellite locations, clients or partners, and business travellers.
  • Save time and cut travel costs for onsite, in-person service calls and maintenance.
  • Reduce the risk of shipping damage to computers and laptops sent to repair facilities.
  • Improve first-call resolution rates.
  • No pre-installed.
  • IT-administered software is needed to receive remote support.
  • No complicated steps for people receiving support.
  • No VPN is required.
  • No port configurations.
  • No firewall hassles.

How To Download Free TeamViewer and Install the Software On Windows

Download Free TeamViewer software from the company’s website or from PCWorld’s Downloads to the computer you want to control wirelessly. Normally, the full version will be enough; it is free for noncommercial users.

Instructions for launching and setting up the TeamViewer software.

Step 1: Download Free TeamViewer and install TeamViewer remote

Download Free TeamViewer from the company’s website or from PCWorld’s Downloads to another computer that you want to connect to or from. Once the download is complete, launch the app’s installer.

Step 2: Choose access User packages Preferences

Select Install and then select personal/non-commercial Use for personal usage. Note you should select Personal uses which enables you to download TeamViewer free,

to also avoid upgrading the software otherwise Accept the license and usage agreement by selecting both checkboxes and clicking Next.

Step: 3 Choose the Appropriate Prompt Access

For installation type, select YES to install the host listening software on the current computer; then click Next. The software will now be installed.

The app will prompt you to set up unattended access. Click Next, set a descriptive name and password for the computer, and click Next again.

Step 4 Set up Secure Username and Password Access

Select I already have a TeamViewer account. Fill in the username and password that you created previously, and then click Next. Click Finish to complete the setup.

TeamViewer free download

The second computer will now be running listening software that waits for approved devices to connect to it and can also connect to other computers you configure.

Remotely Connect Other Computer or Mobile Devices.

With the software installed at both ends, connecting to the remote computer (typically called the host) from the computer/device where you are currently located (typically called the guest) should be easy.

4 Steps To Remotely connect with partners Computers

Step 1: Run the TeamViewer software as the Guest launcher

Launch the software on the gust pc enter your TeamViewer account login credentials, and log in. a list of computers associated with your account will appear in the My Partners list; one of them will be the host computer that you configured earlier.

Double-click the name of the remote computer that you want to connect to.

Step 2: Get your partner TeamViewer ID

Send the TeamViewer QuickSupport link to people you’re supporting to run on their computers or recommend to them to download the software for easy communication

Step 3. Enter their TeamViewer ID in the “Control Remote Partner ID” field

Your remote computer’s display will appear in a window, just as if you were sitting directly in front of it.

Use the keyboard/mouse/touchpad/touchscreen of your current device to interact with it as you normally would.

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The software will take your local input and send it to your remote computer, which will then send its display back to your current device in real time.

TeamViewer free download

(Note: For security reasons, some keys and key combinations won’t go directly to your remote host, like Ctrl-Alt-Del for Windows.

TeamViewer enables you to send these special keys and combinations through its software Actions menu.

When you’re done accessing your remote computer, close the window to end the session.

Step 4 Access Each other computer Remotely from a far location

TeamViewer will typically work without any additional firewall configuration between devices on any computer network (and even between different ones),

as long as both are connected to the Internet.

TeamViewer free download

And because it’s compatible with many different devices, you can do neat things like control your Mac from Windows, your Windows PC from a Mac, or even your computer from your iOS/Android phone!

Wrapping up Download Free TeamViewer Tutorials

In conclusion, Once you’re connected, you can see their remote desktop screens, take control of their mouse and keyboard, and fix computer issues on the spot

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