Top 10 Popular Cryptocurrencies You Should Buy In 2022

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Cryptocurrencies are volatile, but they have not kept any investor from investing.

 According to statistics, the experts estimate the global crypto ownership to grow by 3.9 % within 2022. 

In addition, 18000 businesses accept Cryptocurrency as a mode of transaction.

Bitcoin has set the trends for many cryptocurrencies.

 Starting as a model of decentralized transactions that banks or the government have no influence over Bitcoin and altcoins have become a mode of investment following the successive price hike of Bitcoin. 

Many new cryptocurrencies and blockchains were introduced following the success of Bitcoin. 

However, if you plan to buy cryptos in 2022, the numerous options may overwhelm you.

That is why I have made a list of ten Cryptocurrencies you can buy in 2022. 

You can make Long-Term and Short-Term Investments in Cryptocurrencies following this list.

#1. Bitcoin 

This is obvious, isn’t it? Bitcoin is the first of its kind and is the crowned king of Cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin came out with the blockchain in 2009 when a group of people or an Individual (anonymous) named Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin. 

The trendsetter of Cryptocurrency investments, Bitcoin is the costliest of all the Cryptocurrencies out there. 

The price went up to $60000 but currently rests around $40000 in 2022 April. So if you are planning to invest, now would be a great time. 

#2. Ethereum


Coming right after Bitcoin, Ethereum is the second most famous Cryptocurrency.

 ETH also ranks second in the market cap ranking after Bitcoin.

 Bitcoin mining is a very energy-consuming process and does not have as many functions as Ethereum.

 If you are looking at the various parts, ETH offers smart contracts, creating decentralized apps, and so many use cases.

Bitcoin is very pricey; if you want to invest in something with more use cases and lesser value, ETH comes in second place.

 Several businesses that use the process of trading with cryptocurrencies often use ETH. 

#3. Cardano 

The Cardano blockchain came into existence after lengthy research.

 The creators are mostly mathematicians and engineers who made the blockchain. 

It completely avoids the energy-intensive side of Cryptocurrencies, becoming the most eco-friendly Cryptocurrency out there.

Also, it is the first crypto-based in the proof-of-stake protocol. 

The Cardano Blockchain ( ADA) crypto token is named after an 18th-century mathematician named Ada Lovelace.

#4. LiteCoin 

Litecoin currently ranks as the 21st Cryptocurrency in the market cap ranking.

 It is a peer-to-peer currency that allows decentralized transactions. 

If you are looking for a safe and long-term Cryptocurrency investment for the long term, then you can consider buying Litecoin. 

#5. DogeCoin 


The funny meme coin, Dogecoin, has an active fanbase to keep the hype of this Cryptocurrency going.

 Currently ranking as the 11th Cryptocurrency, Dogecoin has helped many investors earn a huge amount of profit from the investment.

 Dogecoin has a 259% growth rate as of 2022 April. This coin surged impressively following the tweets of the famous Elon Musk.

#6. Solana

Solana is also another Blockchain that offers some use cases to be of use in the world of growing and evolving technology.

 The Solana blockchain is said to help with decentralized finance, decentralized apps, and smart contracts.

 You can invest in this unique hybrid of proof-of-history and proof-of-stake and buy an SOL. 

#7. Polkadot

Polkadot is often overlooked as cryptocurrency investment. But a group of investors has taken it to a popular state currently. 

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency that charges low fees and offers high transaction fees, you can choose Polkadot. 

It is a peerless Cryptocurrency. Moreover, it is among the best Cryptocurrency investments in terms of scalability and speed.

#7. Terra 

Many Cryptocurrency investors fear losing their coins or losing the value of Cryptocurrency altogether. 

If you are among those, you can invest in Terra. It is a stable coin and is pegged against the US dollar. 

Now you may ask, what is a stable coin? A stable coin is one with tangible assets backing up its value.

 Terra stores an equal amount of US dollars for the number of tokens they issue. The coins are priced in a 1:1 ratio with the US dollar. 

#8. Bitcoin Cash

In 2017, the Bitcoin community split in two over the direction they should have taken. 

Following this debate, a new fork of Bitcoin emerged with the name Bitcoin cash.

 This token has a lower exchange value compared to the more expensive Bitcoin. The transaction fee is faster, and the fees are relatively low.

 If you are planning to buy Cryptocurrency for the long term, you can choose Bitcoin cash in 2022. 

#10. Tether

If you have invested in several volatile Cryptocurrencies, you can decrease your investment portfolio’s volatility by buying a tether coin. The tether coin is very stable and priced close to 1 USD. 

Furthermore, Tether has no emission limit, so there will be no problem until the process is running. 

Also, the coin is traded on different exchange platforms and is highly popular.

Bottom Line 

When investing in any cryptocurrency, you must understand that they are highly volatile.

 Sometimes the price of the crypto coin that you buy may grow or fall overnight.

 That is why it is extremely important to be very careful during each purchase.

 You must know how cryptocurrencies work. Also, you must think of the risk factor, long-term potential, and the overall value of the blockchain when you are buying a crypto token. 

As an investor, you can consider buying these coins and earn well in the long term. 

These are among the highly invested cryptocurrencies in the market, and they also offer excellent profit if invested carefully.

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