Creating SEO friendly content: Google SEO Ranking Factors 2020

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There is no doubt that the importance of creating SEO friendly content cannot be overemphasized, most especially in this modern-day digital world, where your site rankings and visibility are mostly determined by the quality of your content.

The truth is, there is a need to observe SEO friendly content guidelines. These guidelines enable your website to rank better on search engines.

When creating content for SEO purposes and also writing articles tips to attract and capture your target audience can be a little bit daunting. But the truth is you should be able to write a readable and friendly SEO based blog post.

If you desire engagement and visibility of your content on the search engine, you must ensure you utilize SEO content strategy or SEO rules for 2020. These are the Google ranking factors SEO checklist.

The right words to use should be placed in the right direction. Remember to avoid the excessive use of keywords.

SEO Fundamentals

Just like in every life endeavor, creating an outstanding content or blog post requires some level of writing skill. To keep your readers or audience interested in your content, you must engage them with appealing articles.

You must be able to give them reasons to read on. This can be done using headings, subheadings, and paragraphs. You agree with me that when one loves an article, you can share it with others.

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These are the basic principles that govern the quality and engaging content that leads to a high conversion rate.

SEO Initiatives or SEO Best Practices For Content

Here we shall be looking at various tips, guidelines and SEO strategy for creating a standout SEO Friendly content. These tips or fundamentals are not relatively new or rather the latest in SEO.

In whatever you do, you must ensure you focus on two objectives when creating SEO friendly content, that your blog posts or contents must be readable, SEO friendly and On page Seo Practice. These two objectives go together for the attainment of quality traffic on search engines.

SEO Content Writing Tips Or SEO Rules For 2020

The following are some of the tips you must employ for SEO best practices for blog articles:

  • Have a thought be writing
  • Map out a structure for the content
  • Headings
  • Make sure you optimize the length of the article
  • Regular Content
  • Make use of Yoast SEO Plugin

Have A Thought Be Writing

Before you proceed to write about something, ensure you think and observe what you want to write about. There are several questions you should ask yourself, like what is the essence of writing this content, who are my readers, what do you expect your readers to do at the end.

These vital questions bring about quality content. This latest SEO 2020 rules must be followed for quality engagement.

Map Out A Structure For Content

When creating SEO friendly content, your focus is to attain a quality blog post, you must start your article with structures.

For instance, your content should have an introductory part, your audience should be able to the differential between an introductory headings with a conclusion paragraph.

This makes your article readable and easy to understand. Write your content in three or more order, introduction, body, conclusion and so on.


The use of headings and subheadings in creating SEO friendly content cannot be undermined. This is very paramount if you want your blog posts or web page to stand out.

Headings enable Google to understand the standpoint of your blog post. If you want the audience to be frequent in your website, then engage the use of subheadings.

It enables readers to search through your page and understand the structures of your article.

This is a major SEO 2020 rules that should be utilized by all content developers and blog owners. Remember H1, is to be used once in your article, then H2, H3, H4 and more could be used consistently.

This is solely based on the length and subheadings related to your content. Headings is one of the best google ranking factor SEO checklists in 2019 and beyond.

Make Sure You Optimize The Length Of The Article

This is very important. You must make sure your content has at least, a minimum of 400-word counts. Remember Google and other search engines like long articles with valuable content.

But make sure your article is not too long so that your audience won’t get bored when reading and slow down your website.

Regular Content

You must ensure you post minimum twice or three times a week, by posting every time with different rich content, you are indirectly informing search engines like Google that your site is active. If your site is not alive, Google ranking will drastically reduce.

Make Use Of Yoast SEO Plugin

The tool in the Yoast SEO plugin allows you to write a friendly and readable blog post with ease. It helps you to choose the right keyword and the length of the sentence.

When creating SEO friendly content you must ensure you make use of Yoast plugin, this helps you to understand how readable, quality and simple your SEO content is. It also enables you to make some adjustments before posting.


On the final note, the above are some of the guidelines, tips and SEO strategies in creating SEO friendly content for higher Google ranking.

This is the best practice for website or business owners and it helps you to choose the right topic to write about and the structures the content should be written for user engagement. Every website owner should adopt these SEO friendly content guidelines for effective site rankings.

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