NIMC: How To Check If Your National Identity Card Is Ready From Your Phone

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If you have enrolled for the National identity Card year ago, and tired of keep visiting national identity card registration centre’s to check national id card status. Then you need to follow this guide. 

Checking Your National Identity Card is made easy here After enrolling (registering) for the NIMC ID Card, a lot of Nigerians are now confused on how to know the status of their National ID card especially those that registered last year.

National Identity Management Commission in Nigeria

So am here to let you know that you can easily check it right from your phone within Few minutes.

There have several complain of thousands of Nigerians who make attempt to get their national Id card. Some persons even do not get their National ID 10 years after they have registered.

This will run you through how use this platform to check if your Card is ready and has been dispatched to an Activation Center. The details MUST be as you correct as those them gotten during enrollment process.

Please you have to recheck your NIN Slip or perhaps forgotten your NIN number follow this below

Step To Retrieve National ID Number

To Check National Identity Card, simply go through the following steps:

Check Your National Identity Card

  • dial *346#
  • from the options displayed, select “NIN Retrieval”, by typing in ‘1’, if you are using the same phone number you enrolled with for your NIN or
  • select “NIN Search”, by typing in ‘2’, to retrieve your NIN by inputting some of your registered details (if you are not using the same phone number you enrolled with)
  • follow the steps displayed on your screen and provide the required inputs
  • note that using this service attracts a N20 (tweny naira) fee only (deducted from your phone credit balance).

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) must be congratulated for launching the web page basically for checking National ID card status and knowing if it’s ready or not.

The process of checking it is simple so it doesn’t require much of tech expertise to carry out. Follow below steps to check yours.

Step To Check National Id Card Status Online

  • First of all, NIMC WEBSITE
  • Then click the proceed button
  • Fill in your First name, last name and the first 6 digits of your National Identification Number(NIN)How to check Nigeria National ID Finally,click the ‘check now button’. After few seconds, it will display the status of your national ID card. If it’s unavailable, you will be asked to check back in a week time.

It should Noted that This post is necessary because most people’s ID card are ready but they are unaware.

Its no longer rumors that national identity card management in collaboration with Joint Admissions and  Matriculation Board has made it mandatory for every Candidate seek admission into various institutions in Nigeria to enroll for national identity card because it’s the condition for participating in jamb examination in 2020

Since the announcement there have been enrollment centers in Nigeria have witnessed a tremendous increment in the number of candidates that want enroll for the national Identity card, to the extent that most people have come early as 4am to the center.

Actually if you fall into this categories of people I have solutions for you, National Identity Card Management made has made provisions for national id card online registration All you need is apply online and just visit the enrollment center to submit your documents and print out your slips 

Requirements for the National e-ID Card collection and activation

If you are the followed the procedure about and find out that your national card is available for collection, it’s very important to note that you will need the following information before your national id can be given to you

  • Customer receives Batch ID Number via SMS.
  • Applicants must have a 4 digit secret pin (only known to them) for the e-ID Card activation.
  • Applicant’s fingerprints will be used for activation (for applicants with fingers only).

National Identity Card Renewal

Early 2019 National Identity Card Management has explained in detail how to retrieve and renew all expired plastic national identity card, you should check expiry date of your national ID card in order to start renewal process below

Requirements for Card Renewal (upon expiration)

Permanent National Id card holders must present the following information at national identity card registration centre’s for the renewal of the expired National Identity Card.

  • Applicant presents his NIN slip or NIN for verification.
  • Applicant presents expired e-ID card for NIMC’s visual inspection.
  • Where applicant is unable to provide the expired e-ID card:
  • a police report of loss or missing e-ID card must be presented to NIMC
  • card validity/expiration status is verified (via Card CSV or other applicable activation support tool) to ensure application is treated with the correct/applicable application fee.
  • Applicant completes form for e-ID card replacement/renewal.
  • Verification of the applicant’s NIN using the NIMC NIN verification service.
  • Verification of applicant’s signature on application form for match to that on the verification portal.
  • Applicant presents evidence of (REMITA) payment of applicable fee of N3,000.00 only.

Wrapping Up How to  Check National ID Card Status

In conclusion you should stop wasting your time and money visiting national identity card registration centre’s to check if your nation id card is ready or not while you can actually check it right from your phone with costing you money.

All you have need is used method explained above and it will save your time.

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49 thoughts on “NIMC: How To Check If Your National Identity Card Is Ready From Your Phone”

  1. Type here..I enrolled for the national identity card since 2015 in Kwara state. I am yet to get the permanent card. How do I go about it,how do I even know if it’s ready and available.

    1. Hey Ernest, thanks for dropping your comment here, it’s been a great problem that most Nigeria where unable to get their National ID card on time,that is the reason why i come up with the Guide to help you check if your ID is ready for collection, For you to know your ID status Just Use National ID card Status Checker above in the articles

      1. Suleman Halilu Furfuri

        There is no any option ‘Proceed button’ in d website u dropped for checking d status of the national i. D card.

    1. Hey Uhah, you to check using the National ID Card status checker above in this article, because I personally registered mine in that 2014 and I have collected plastic Card. Even about to expire self.

  2. Type here..I registered sometime in 2015. And it was an internal error. I try it’ again in January 2020. hope there is no problems

  3. stanley unah Aduma

    I registerd since over 3 years without getting my parmanent ID card and dont know how to go about it

  4. The number i used for the registration, am trying to use the same number to retrieve my NIN number but is showing me things like the number is not recognized, so what the solution to that?

  5. Ashiru AbdulBariyy Olabanji

    I registered for national identity card with NIN ********* since 29/10/2013. I called at the Lagos state headquarters where I registered a number of times and was told the card was not ready. Today I tried without success to check again. What do I do about this

  6. Hakeem otushola ogedengbe

    If you are the made the next of kin on the back of the national id card, please is the card valid or be used by the next of kin or apply for another card? Thanks.

    1. Hi Hakeem
      Thanks for your question, it’s very important to let you know that National Identity Card Is very sensitive to the extent that NIN Number is only reserved For single individuals.
      I.e its illegal to be used by next of kin, the names that bear the cards is the only eligible person to use the card thanks

  7. The names on my national ID card is different from my official name how do I synchronize the two because pension fund need the NIN n I can’t register twice. Thanks

    1. Hi Funke,
      Its very important to note that it’s illegal to register for national identity card twice, so to my best interest you have to visit NIMC enrollment center to correct your name although you will pay little fees for that. I hope I have answered your question thanks

  8. Engineer Hafizu Adamu

    I also registered since 2014, but up to naw i dind’t got the plastic one.
    One ever i visited your centre they try to said me i should go CYBER CAFE and check, but naw in media you should tell the world many ppl not collect their card, its not true

    1. Dear admin I would like to clear you impressions that Zenith Techs is NIMC management we are only enlightening public about issues of national identity card, so it’s very important to know you need to keep checking both online with national identity card status checker and NIMC enrollment center close to you thanks for your comments

  9. I have tried checking if mine is ready for collection because I registered since 2014 but it keeps on telling that NIMc is not available

    1. Hi chinel
      It’s so unfortunate that you keep getting not available responses whenever you check, it’s has been on the major challenge many Nigeria are facing. Notwithstanding I will encourage you try to check their enrollment center if it’s very close to you to also check. Thanks

  10. Irem James Chukwuemeka

    Hello sir I registered for national ID card since 2016, I have the temprary one but have not gotten the plastic one

  11. Onwuka Gabriel eleanya

    Please I just checked with the national identification number given to me… Is showing wrong information

  12. I register for my national identity card some time in 2013 and was informed that I will be notified with an SMS when the card is ready, up till now I have not heard any thing. What do I do so as to get the original but I have my NIN number.

  13. Muhammad Ibrahim Isah

    Hello, please i registered my ID since 2014/2015 and they made mistake in my date of birth which was not my mistake now am expected to pay 15,000 for mistake that wasn’t made by me its not fair at all 15,000 just to change date of birth its too much and besides its not something you can do in any of your LG you have to go to their head quarters just imagine the TP alone haba please you guys should look into it and reduce the amount its not fair on Nigerians

  14. Elizabeth Harrison

    I registered since 2015 have not gotten any of card and now my phone number which I used in doing the registration is lost to retrieve it in phone
    What should I do

  15. I made payment on modification of names on October 2021 but the new name has not reflect. What should I do
    And I need the it urgently

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