How To Cashing in Gift Cards For Cash Online Instantly

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So you’ve got a gift card and its not just what you were expecting or you can’t use the gift card to cashing in gift cards or purchase the exact thing you need. Well, you can totally sell your gift card and get the value in cash.

cashing in gift cards

No kidding, there are sites that pay you in cash the value of your gift card, but that’s only if the gift card meets their quality requirements.

In this article, I am going to explore all the reliable and safe options you could use to cash in your gift cards.

Things To Consider Before Selling Your Gift Cards For Cash

Before selling your gift card, there are lots of things to consider. There are many websites that offer you a chance to sell your gift card for cash but not many of them are worth your time.

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Below, you will find the factors that will help you decide on the best place to sell your gift card at the right price.

Gift Cards Fees

One thing to note before selling your gift card is that you will only receive 80% or 90% of its value in cash, that’s if you are selling on the right website. However, with some websites, you’re likely to lose more on the sale due to their fees.

eBay, for example, charges insertion fees, a final value fee, and for users with a poor eBay seller account, they get a performance fee.

If you’re selling a $20 gift card, you’d be better off spending it the right way than selling it off.

Watch Out For Gift Card Exchange Websites

Gift card exchange sites are usually the best options for those that want to sell their gift cards and get reasonable cash for their value. On these sites, you could get up to 90% of the value of your gift card in cash, however, not all sites will offer you such a good payout.

Most gift card exchange sites determine the worth of a gift card being sold by the demand of the gift card in the market. So if have a very unpopular gift card, you might want to consider spending it instead of selling it off.

How To Cashing in Gift Cards For Cash Online Instantly

Below are some of the best websites where you can sell your gift cards and expect a good rate.

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On most of these websites, the payment process is incredibly easy. All you’ve got to do is enter the gift card number and you will receive payment electronically.

Where Can I Cash In Gift Cards?

Cashing in Gift Cards For Cash online with low fees are made easy and faster with this reliable and trusted gift card exchanging website below;

Cashing in Gift Cards Through CardPool

Sell gift cards Online Instantly

CardPool is one of the best gift card exchange sites where you can trade gift cards online instantly. Whether you want to sell an Amazon gift card or any gift card from other merchants, you can go to this site and expect up to 92% cashback on your gift card (note: actual cashback will depend on the demand and value of your gift card).

Another great thing about CardPool is their payment options. To cash out, you can request for an Amazon eGift card that will be sent to your email address or get a paper check. The Amazon eGift card option is best if you want things done fast.

However, if you need the cash then you need to wait for about a week for your check arrives in your mailbox.

For those who waiting for a week seems like forever, there is a way out. You can bring your gift card to any of CardPool’s physical locations and get your cash or credit the same day.

The only downside to using CardPool is that they do not issue payments via PayPal or direct deposit. Overall, they are still the best option as they accept numerous gift card brands.

Cashing in Gift Cards Through ClipKard

Cashing in Gift Cards

I won’t say ClipKard is the best option since they offer only about 50% – 60% cashback on your card, but if other options fail you, then you might want to consider giving them a chance.

Clipkard offers rewards points to its sellers which makes them eligible for discounts on their next purchase on the site.

The selling process on the site is quite easy, but ensure you check if your gift card meets the requirements on the site before selling.

ClipKard only accepts plastic cards that do not expire. To sell on the site, you would have to add your card and accept or decline the offer. If you accept the offer, you will have to mail the gift cards before receiving your payment and earning your rewards.

This is a very long process and you will have to be incredibly patient if you want to receive your cash.

Cashing in Gift Cards Through CardCash

cashing in gift cards
CardCash is just about the same as CardPool so if you’re having a hard time selling your gift card on CardPool, you might want to try out this site.

CardCash offers you up to 92% cash back or you can trade your gift card for another and get more value.

The best thing about CardCash is their payment methods. With this site, you get paid via a check in the mail, ACH deposit (something you won’t get from CardPool) and via PayPal. This means you won’t have to wait for about a week or go straight to any of their physical locations to receive your cash.

With CardCash, your payment is processed in less than 48 hours and you should receive payment within that period. Additionally, you won’t have to mail your gift cards to them to get them sold.

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Like many other gift card exchange sites, CardCash doesn’t accept gift cards with an expiration date. So if you have one, its best to use it as it would be incredibly difficult to find a reliable gift exchange site that will buy your gift cards at a reasonable rate.

Wrapping Up Cashing in Gift Cards For Cash Online Tips

That’s all on my post on how to cashing your gift cards online. If you’re trying to sell Amazon gift card instantly or sell Nike gift card, you can try the options listed above and expect a smooth transaction.

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