Is It Easy to Cancel Amazon Music? Know This To Avoid Charges

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Recently, there are lots of streaming platforms all over the internet and this makes it difficult sometimes for people to select from the list of the available streaming platforms.

Besides Amazon music, there are other several popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc.

 which has an amazing user interface, and also its premium prices are quite affordable.

Moreover, you might be tempted to regularly switch from one streaming platform to the other because of the benefits of Amazon Music and other features that each other comes with.

Over time we have noticed that opting in for streaming services may be easy while signing out may be a bit difficult because of the processes that are involved in it.

While trying to opt out of your subscription, if care is not taken and you don’t know the proper processes, you may end up subscribing to another service altogether.

In this guide, we will give you detailed info on what Amazon Music is all about and how you can cancel your Amazon Music subscription.

What is Amazon Music?

What is Amazon Music?

Amazon Music is a popular streaming platform that is owned by Amazon. 

Its online music store is managed by Amazon and it was launched in the year 2017. 

Because of the amazing graphical user interface and advanced features that Amazon Music comes with, they are the first that started selling music digitally without digital rights management.

Most of the tracks that you will find on Amazon Music are at the rate of 256 kilobits-per-second in terms of the bitrate MP3 format. 

Moreover, some of the music is watermarked while others are not. 

This is because of licensing agreements with record companies that restricted some places where certain music will not be played.

Is Amazon Music included in Prime Membership?

Is Amazon Music included in Prime Membership?

Amazon Music which is owned by Amazon is included in the prime membership and it is quite free for everyone that is registered on Amazon Prime.

Moreover, Prime members can have access to up to 2 million songs; this song comes with thousands of stations as well as playlists. 

Also, members will have access to over one million podcast episodes. The most interesting part is that Prime members can listen to Amazon music offline, and it’s not just one or two but lots of Amazon music.

Why Do I have a Charge from Amazon Music (Amazon Prime Membership)

If you have ever been charged from Amazon Music without your prior notice as a Prime member, it may be that you accidentally signed up for Amazon Music Unlimited on extra devices.

To cancel or to stop this extra charge, go to your Amazon Music Settings and select a different plan or different renewal option. 

Also, another method that you can use to stop these extra charges or accidental purchases, is you can request a Voice Code for Purchases with Alexa.

Amazon Music vs. Prime Music vs. Amazon Music Unlimited – what is the Difference?

Amazon Music vs. Prime Music vs. Amazon Music Unlimited – what is the Difference?

Amazon Music Unlimited offers a 30-day free trial for Prime members and upon renewal, users are to pay only a $7.99/monthly fee.

Prime Music on the other side provides lots of songs to its users and also it comes with authentic features that help users to control what they are hearing. 

Another fantastic thing about Prime Music is that it is free for Prime subscribers.

Moreover, Amazon Music and Prime Music are quite similar as both offer ad-free platforms, on-demand music listening as well as offline playback.

 Users can access Amazon Music and Prime Music on diverse devices such as smartphones, Amazon’s Echo speaker, smart TVs, connected speakers, Macs, PCs, etc.

Meanwhile, comparing Amazon Music Unlimited to Prime Music and Amazon Music, Amazon Music Unlimited offers its users tens of millions of song tracks while Prime Music offers only two million songs to its users.

Also, if you are an Alexa fan, with Amazon Music Unlimited you will be able to unlock Alexa’s ability to name the song that you have in your head without the need to type or search any word manually.

Through Alexa, you can be able to pronounce the title of the music you wish to play and Alexa’s assistant will auto search it and play it for you.

Coming to the pricing, Amazon Music Unlimited costs $12.99 per month and it costs an extra $7.99 per month for Prime members.

 Although users can save up money when subscribing to Amazon Music Unlimited yearly plan. 

Additionally, on Music Unlimited, users that are not Prime members will need to pay $9.99 per month or just $3.99 per month if the subscribers intend to listen to their favorite songs only on Echo, Echo Dot, or Tap speaker.

How to Cancel Amazon Music (Step By Step Guide)

How to Cancel Amazon Music (Step By Step Guide

There are lots of ways that you can use to cancel Amazon Music of which we will give you the most widely used methods.

How you can cancel your Amazon Music subscription using a web browser

We placed a web browser to cancel your Amazon Music as this method can be accessed on every device regardless of the platform or even the exact browser that the user is using.

Moreover, canceling your Amazon Music subscription is quite easy if you follow the steps we elucidated in this guide.

Follow the below steps to cancel your Amazon Music subscription on the web.

  1. Go to or, depending on your region.
  2. Right from the homepage, locate “Accounts & Lists.” You can see this at the top of the homepage of the website
  3. When you click on “Accounts & Lists”, a drop-down menu will be displayed to you
  4. Next select “Membership & Subscriptions.”
  5. Now navigate to the bottom section of the “Membership & Subscriptions.” At the bottom, you will see “Music Subscriptions.”
  6. Click on the “Music Subscriptions.” A screen will appear to you of which you are to choose “Amazon Music Unlimited.”
  7. Now locate “Subscription Renewal Details” and under it, you will find “Cancel Subscription.” Then click on it.
  8. At this stage, you are to click on “Confirm Cancellation” to completely cancel your Amazon Music subscription.

Users should be aware that when you cancel your Amazon Music subscription and probably you still have more days before the estimated renewal date, you will still have access to those subscriptions you have paid for.

How you can Cancel Amazon Music on an Android Device

If you are an Android user and probably don’t want to use the web format, we have gotten another alternative for you. 

This method works perfectly on all Android devices regardless of the model.

  1. With your Android device navigate to your Amazon Music app.
  2. Go to your phone settings and then tap on “Amazon Music Unlimited.” The next screen that will open will probably contain your subscription information.
  3. Now scroll until you get to “Subscription Renewal.” When you get to “Subscription Renewal”, choose “Cancel Subscription.”
  4. On the next prompt, you will have to select “Submit and Confirm Cancellation” to cancel your Amazon Music subscription.

How you can Cancel Amazon Music on iOS devices

Do you have an iOS device? Then we have culled the proper steps you need to follow if you wish to cancel your Amazon Music subscription directly from your device.

 Meanwhile, you will need to have internet access before using this method.

  1. From your browser navigate to the website.
  2. Now from the three horizontal lines which serve as the site menu, click on it so that you can sign in to your account.
  3. When you have successfully logged in to your account, locate the “Account Settings” section
  4. From there look for “Membership & Subscriptions”, which you will see in the drop-down menu
  5. Now click on “Amazon Music Unlimited” and locate “Amazon Music Unlimited Settings.”
  6. Then click on “Cancel Subscription” to terminate your existing subscription.
  7. In most cases, they may ask you why you wish to cancel your subscription. Here you can give them reasons like – I couldn’t find my favorite music. Then confirm your subscription cancellation.

Can you Get your Money back from Amazon music? (After a Refund)

Unfortunately, Amazon Music does not offer refunds after you can opt for any subscription service, most especially if the service is included in the Amazon Prime package.

Meanwhile, for you to be able to get a refund when you cancel your Amazon Music subscription, you need to first of all cancel your Prime membership subscription.

Furthermore, you will be eligible to get your complete refund when you have not yet placed an order with the amazing features that are included in Amazon Prime.

 On the other hand, if you have used other features, you won’t get a refund.

Top 2 Best Amazon Music Alternatives

Best Amazon Music Alternatives

Below are the top Amazon Music alternatives we recommend for our readers;

#1 Spotify

Spotify is quite an amazing music streaming service that is known for its quality. It has assorted music and a playlist that is being updated weekly.

 Spotify’s premium streaming service has almost all the advanced features that Amazon Music has.

From our research, a lot of people rated Spotify above Amazon Music because of how generous the platform is, also it is device compatible.

#2 Pandora

Pandora is a powerful music streaming service that is powered by the Music Genome Project.

 Today it is one of the leading streaming services that one can compare with Spotify, Amazon Music, etc.

Pandora has lots of music in its database and users can enjoy a quality listening experience with it.


We detailed how you can cancel your Amazon Music subscription from any device of your choice.

 Also, we elucidated what Amazon Music is all about, the cost, what it has for you, etc.

After canceling your Amazon Music subscription, you can as well opt into any of the streaming services which is an alternative to Amazon Music, such as Spotify.

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