How to buy V Bucks with Gift card instantly

Did you want to buy V bucks with a Gift card but you don’t know how to buy, or you have other issues on how to buy V bucks? If yes, then you are lucky to locate this blog post because the post you are about to read will solve all the problems you have will v bucks, just make sure you read to the end.

What is V Bucks

V Bucks is a short of Vindertech Bucks also known as Vinderbucks, are the game currency. They usually purchase v bucks from the game store, which is known as Vindertech store in Save World or other stores like Items Shop and also Battle Pass in Battle Royale.

Buy V bucks

You can’t give v bucks as a gift directed but you can buy a gift card from fortnite website and then send the gift card to them so that they can convert it to v bucks.

Fortnite is one the biggest game of all time, this game is so popular especially in the United States of America, and other countries around the globe, Although the game, is free but the players must use in-game V bucks this will help them to customize it.

How to buy v Bucks with Gift card instantly

PlayStation 4

V Bucks PlayStation 4

You can buy PlayStation 4 gift card and use this gift card code to convert it to your V bucks.

Likewise, purchase V bucks using gift card like

  • Amazon: is one of the most popular gift cards, this gift card is also used to v bucks from any countries.
  • Walmart: is also one of the best gift cards you can use to buy V bucks from anywhere around the world.
  • Nintendo Switch: For Switch players, you’ll need to grab a Nintendo eShop gift card.
  • PC Game: There isn’t a specific store for PC gamers to buy Fornite stuff from, but you can get them a generic pre-paid Visa to use towards the in-game currency.
  • Android Google Play store: The same goes for Android players—since the game uses Epic’s own launcher
  • Apple iOS: You can use all these gifts card mentioned above they all work for v buck

Can I buy v-bucks/transfer for a friend?

V bucks free coin

Yes, you can buy V Bucks as a gift and send it to your friends as a gift

Can we buy v bucks with PayPal?

Yes, you can buy V Bucks with PayPal, PayPal payment gateway is one the fastest payment method when it comes to v bucks purchasing, it can be used online store and gift card retailer store in any country.

How to Buy v Bucks with Paypal Instantly

If you want to buy V bucks with PayPal all you need to do is to follow these simple instructions.

Buy v-bucks with paypal

  • Go to Epicgames and then log in to your epic account.
  • Then click on your username, this will lead you to your profile.
  • When you are on your profile page click on payment and then choose PayPal as payment method.

This is how to but v bucks with PayPal. If you follow these simple instructions you will be able to buy V bucks using PayPal as a payment method, the most interesting thing about paying via PayPal is that is secure and fast.

Can I buy v-bucks/transfer for a friend?

Yes, you can buy V Bucks and send it to your friends as a gift. In most cases If you are thinking of buying for your friends or family V bucks as a gift for Christmas, New year or birthday, but you don’t know how to buy it and send it to them then you need to follow this steps so that you can send it to them after reading this blog post.

Buy v-bucks

You need to understand that you can’t send them v bucks directly, you need to use a special method to send it, which I’m about to teach you.

You need to buy a gift card it can be iTunes, Amazon, Walmart, and other types of gift cards. From gift cards retailers like egifter

Give this gift card to your friends or family, then he or she will convert the number and get V bucks.

NOTE THAT you can use any type of gift card.

Can we Buy V bucks with PayPal

Yes you can buy V Bucks with PayPal it works very well tested by a lot of peoples

How To Buy V Bucks With Debit Card

Did you want to buy V bucks with debit card? If yes this is the instructions you need to follow. Yes you can buy V bucks with your debit card if you follow these instructions

  • The first thing is to visit a website called Entropay this website is trusted by thousands of users.
  • Register yourself on this website which is free from the beginning to the end.
  • Then Login into your newly registered account.
  • At this point you will be given two options which is
  • Create a Card
  • View Card
  • At this point, you need to click on create card after you have clicked on this option you will see your username on a card.
  • Top with just $5 with your Visa Debit card, with CVV and expiry date after you have done this the card will show on the screen before it unlocked.
  • Enter these Card number, CVV, and expiry date during the payment processing of your v bucks purchase.

How to Buy V Bucks with Bitcoin

You can buy V bucks with bitcoin, there is a website that offers this service, the website is called BitreFill this website was trusted by thousands of users you can buy any Fortnite V bucks from this website.

Bitrefill helps you to pay for v bucks through cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Bitrefill makes it easy for you when it comes to v bucks payment, there are many gift cards on bitrefill which you can purchase and convert to v bucks. You can visit the website for information Bitrefill

Am sure that this blog post have helped you a lot on how to buy V bucks, means of payment, how to buy for your friends or family, and others tips on v bucks. If you have any questions to ask at the comment section.

Wrapping Up How to buy V Bucks with Gift

If you wish to buy v Bucks with Gift card instantly with the above-listed strategy ensure you make use of VPN. The reason is that, buy v Bucks with a Gift card with PayPal is only available to users in United State with verified PayPal account.

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