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How To Buy Bitcoin With Payoneer Mastercard card online instantly

buy bitcoins with debit card

Last Updated on 3 years by Komolafe Bamidele

What is Payoneer and how to buy bitcoins with a debit card?

Payoneer is an Internet-based financial service providing the company that allows users to receive payments through Prepaid MasterCard, it serves a different purpose among of them is to buy bitcoins with debit card They provide services and debit cards in 200+ countries.

Payoneer offers Free prepaid MasterCard without having an International or local bank account. You can also withdraw all the fund you have received from different freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr,Upwork and Freelance Through Payoneer revenue Card directly to Bitcoin wallet within some minute.

If you don’t have Payoneer card Payoneer Prepaid Debit Mastercard and you will Receive a free MasterCard at your Door Step Via FedEx and Free Mail delivery, without paying Withdrawal Payoneer Fund via the Bitcoin process of exchanging bitcoin to Payoneer Master Card is quite simple.

Registered members have the privilege of applying for a Payoneer Master Card that is an equivalent of an ATM card from your local bank.

The best thing about bitcoins is that it is a safe and straightforward method of Transaction. With this Method, You will Able cut off extra charges for First Withdrawing your Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard funds to Cash before Purchasing Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? And Ways to Buy Bitcoins with Debit Card?

Nowadays, bitcoins have become one of the most trending and booming online businesses. Many people have made incredible profits from the business, and many others are highly interested in entering the business.

Prepaid Mastercard

Bitcoin is Now accepted worldwide, led by our Central Bank, last year an estimated $700 billion passed through the crypto market led by Bitcoin and analysts have predicted that this year may top $1k Trillion. which you can buy bitcoins with a debit card such as payoneer debit card.

How to Convert Payoneer fund to Bitcoins?

Paxful one best website that let you convert Payoneer fund into bitcoin. I will guide you about how to use the website for selling bitcoins.

Head to Straight PAXFUL website

1. Goto Paxful Paxful Buy Page to sign up page here to buy bitcoins with a debit card and Sell bitcoin instantly on Paxful

2. Input Your Favorites Currency and AMOUNT With your Email details.

3. Click Next to Create an account, then you are done.

After complete Account registration then

Go straight to Paxful home page, navigation menu, select “BUY BITCOIN“. Show blow.

Then on the “Way To Pay“. Option select Payoneer as the payment processor Inorder to used you Prepaid MasterCard. and Click the search button.

The search button will pop up all the list of sellers who are willing to buy bitcoins debit card or exchange Payoneer fund to Bitcoin.

However, you need to be careful while picking the seller, Click on trader name to check his feedback & trade volume. This will give you a good idea of how credible the seller is.

Again, you need to be smart & careful when making a purchase using Paxful in all the verification passed.
Then right click “BUY” button on vendor/Seller in order to show purchase page. As soon below

On the page you have to manually input the amount you want you to want to convert from your Payoneer revenue card to Bitcoin, the system will automatically calculate the worth of amount you are getting in bitcoin wallet.
But you have to take note the following;
vendor limit ( minimum and maximum amounts of trade)
Its every cost per dollar after successfully noted this then Click on “BUY NOW“. To initiate the transaction.

Automatic trade sessions will open for you and the seller which is expected you and the seller to be completed within 30min of the initiation in other you will send you Payoneer fund and seller will also send it Bitcoin to your wallet

On the left-hand chat box, send the seller request for his Payoneer email in which you will transfer the Payoneer fund.
Once the email is received You are to send the fund within 30min once you have made the Payment uploaded a screenshot for the seller to confirm, click on “I HAVE PAID THE SELLER AS REQUESTED“.

the trade countdown will stop automatically. Then Seller will confirm the payment and the system will debit the worth of amount you purchased from the seller and credited it to your Paxful bitcoins wallet. Which is more like a normal bitcoin wallet. Like Coinbase and Blockchain
Then you have successfully convert your Payoneer fund to Bitcoin within just 30mins

But If it is the case that the vendor/seller refuses to honours your payment then a dispute will start a moderator will intervene to settle the trade.

Follow the below steps to start and win a dispute

Click Dispute (actions if you are on mobile )

1. Please provide a clear reason for the dispute for the moderators from the list of reasons.

2. Please explain in complete sentences as clear as possible what happened.

3. Please don’t flood the chat with dialogue or it will hold up the moderator.

4. Wait for a moderator to join dispute for investigation.

5.Provide as much evidence as you can get, such as:

•Proof of payment (transaction receipt, a screenshot of payment, video proof)
Proof of ownership (transaction receipt, receipt from the store for the gift cards, online receipt,

•Operation screenshots or video recording.

•Phone call recording of a conversation with 3rd parties customers support.

•Additional proof requested by the moderators’ team.

6.The dispute will be investigated by the Paxful moderators’ team and a decision will be made according to evidence provided by both parties. Paxful moderators resolve disputes by evaluating trade terms, offer instructions, evidence of payment, trade chat interaction, user reputation, past trading history as well as data submitted and or collected in accordance with the Privacy policy.

if you can follow this procedure you will successfully purchase or sell bitcoin with your Prepaid MasterCard.

Paxful is 99.99℅ Scam free: Once the claim is confirmed System will automatically withdraw the equivalent amount of bitcoins for the trade from the seller’s wallet. Purposely in case if the seller refuses to fulfilled the terms of Agreement

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