10 Best NFT Tools To Help You Find EARLY & Flip NFTs For Profit 

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 You’re excited with NFTs market trends and how people are making a lot of money with NFTs. 

So you will like to know those legit NFTs that are coming to market to buy your first NFT, but where do you begin?

 We explore some of the NFT tools for proper market research that helps you to discover new promising projects. 

To find projects that stand the test of time and keep their value in the METAverse

What is NFTs Collectible? 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) can further be explained as digital assets. It includes all forms of art, games, collectibles which can be exchanged for money.  

Examples of these include opensea, axie marketplace, and Ethereum and each NFTS has its unique signature which gives the owner exclusive ownership to their piece.  

The NFT community is growing every day and is gaining popularity every day. 

This is thanks to its gigantic increase in individuals involved ( artists, celebrities, buyers, and sellers). 

The NFT community has become commercialized and there is a lot of money to be made in this community on different levels.  

Non-fungible tokens ( NFTs) are digital assets that can be traded on different platforms around the internet. 

Nfts can be created and sold for cryptocurrency which is made up of digital currencies with a password that helps keep your account safe. 

NFTs are mainstream today because they have created a special market for all digital assets and everyone including companies and organizations can create, buy and sell their own NFTs for profit. 

One of the reasons why the NFT community is unique is because it allows you to build, purchase and also have exclusive control over your collections. 

What Does NFT Really Stand For?

What Does NFT Really Stand For?

In simpler terms, NFTs are very unique sets of digital assets that belong to the owners only. 

To create an NFT you would have to Mint which is the process of owning an NFT

NFTs are basically digital artworks and other forms of properties that are transformed and are transacted on the markets set aside for NFT-related activities.  

NFT wallets are used to hold NFT collections and they often use bitcoin, Ethereum network, and dogecoin which are also various modes of exchange. 

NFTs can be Any Form of Art, Including: 

– Music:  

Music Nfts

If you are a big fan of music and musical pieces it is possible to create your NFT collection with music pieces. 

You can trade your NFTs on different marketplaces like opensea, Ethereum blockchain, mintable amongst a host of others.  

All that is required of you is that you register on the platform and either create a single collectible or you create a whole collection. 

If you decide to create a single collectible you can create a unique one-kind NFT piece, if it is a collection you decide on, you can create several pieces of the same collectible. Pretty good, right?  

–  Artwork: 

nfts Artwork

 As the name implies, artwork deals with works of art created by either physical or digital artists. 

As a digital artist, you can easily create a unique design on your laptop or smartphone and convert it to the appropriate format which is then converted to NFTs and sold. 

– Games: 

nfts Games: 

Games are also another way you can gain NFTs. You may be confused as to how it is possible for you to get NFTs just by playing a game. 

However, you can sell some in-game items for money or NFTs like weapons, armor, and the likes. 

Gamers who gain a lot of in-game items can further sell them for profits. 

– Videos: 

nfts Videos:

This is another trusted way to create NFTs. For example, football stars can offer some of their best highlights as an NFT and Sell to the best bidders. 

Also, NBA Top Shots NTFs also puts official highlight videos of some of the best moments in NBA history as NFTs for sale. 

Also, you can sell real-life videos,  your favorite movie scenes, and also a personally created video if you are a video artist and put it on sale. 

What are NFT Tools? 

best NFT Tools

Nft tools are basically tools that make your NFT journey a whole lot easier. There are a lot of free and paid NFT tools online. 

I should tell you this, the fact that you have to pay for an NFT tool doesn’t automatically make them the best. 

NFT tools help avoid rookie mistakes in the NFT community and also they help you gather research on all of the collectibles this minimizes mistakes a whole lot. 

If you follow up with the right tools, there is a high tendency that you are going to get the best tokens on the market. 

The Untold Reason Why Most People Invest in NFTs: 

The Untold Reason Why Most People Invest in NFTs: 

Speculation Investment (Buy Low Sell High): 

NFTs are basically a very sound investment as you can buy at a low price and sell at a higher price as NFTs tend to appreciate. 

See Collectibles as a Luxury To Flex: 

In this aspect, NFTs can be likened to physical art as they can also be brought for the luxury of ownership.  

Top 10+ NFTs Tools Traders Use to Find and Mint NFTs

#1. NFT Rarity.Tools:  

NFT Rarity.Tools:

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing an NFT is its rarity.  

Reports have shown that some of the best NFTs sold are very rare and are in high demand from various people on the platform. 

This is exactly the reason why their prices go high, a classic example of high demand and low supply which leads to an increase in price.  

The advantage Rarity tools have over other platforms is that they administer a rarity score to all the NFTs. 

The rarity score makes it much easier for you to figure out if the NFT you are interested in is going to be a worthy investment. 

#2 OpenSea: 

OpenSea nfts tool

OpenSea is one of the most famous platforms which are used for all NFT transactions. It is very useful if you are looking to spot a worthwhile NFT collection or collectible

Opensea can help you determine which investments are good and basically if you should invest in them.  

Opensea is arguably the largest NFT marketplace and is arguably the best tool for all your NFT related activities. 

#3 NFT Rarity Ranks: 

NFT rarity ranks are an extension that allows you to see the rarity rank and its rarity score as you search for NFT tokens. 

The chrome extension shows you a small window that is placed above images of NFT tokens. 

Also in the extension segment of this tool, you can decide on all the displays and pop-ups of NFT tokens which may be good investments.  

#4 Dune Analytics – NFT Tracking:  

Dune Analytics has set up a platform and a system that helps you as an NFT collector and takes all the burden and stress of looking for a worthy collectible off your shoulders.  

This platform gives you access to some real professional tools so you’re able to look for the best NFT tokens based on your ideas.  

You get access to various custom dashboards according to Dune Analytics‘ preferences. 

They offer various files such as the NFT trades value, all DAO financial statements, and lots more.  

#5 Nansen.ai NFT Tracking: 

Nansen.ai NFT Tracking: 

Nansen helps you carry out research on tens of billions of charts, wallets,

 all the entities present and basically make sure you do not have to do a lot of technical analysis on your own.  

Furthermore, you are able to have a relationship with Nansen.ai as you can ask for their advice before investing in any collective. 

This helps you to minimize loss drastically and also you are likely to make a profit. 

#6 NFT Calendars: 

NFT calendar deals with timing and makes sure you never miss out on juicy NFT deals again. 

They make sure you do not miss out on any NFT project because with the NFT calendar you were uninformed about their arrival in the market. 

They tell you when a new cheap project is in town and when the price is up, they alert you also.  

#7 SuperSea Chrome Extension:  

SuperSea Chrome Extension:

SuperSea is perfect to go in hand with anyone who makes use of opensea regularly. 

SuperSea chrome extension shows you various information about floor prices, rarity ranks, and different handy tools that can help you on this platform. 

Thus saving you a lot of time and also ensuring that you gain all the knowledge you can on whatever token you decide to invest in.  

It basically saves you time and also the energy you put into technical analysis is reduced. 



DAPPRADAR has been the readily available site for everything that involves technical analysis on NFT projects for the longest time. 

They also give you the chance to monitor your wallets and gain knowledge on the affairs of your NFT collections.

Also, this tool shows you the best NFTs available and also the trending NFTs present at the time. 

This allows you to carry out different analyses such as the number of traders, sales and also filter out NFTs you aren’t interested in. 

#9 Icy.tools: 

icy.tools provide you with a list of all the collections that are trending at the time. 

You also see some of the NFT tokens that were featured a day ago in case you still want to get in on them. 

You also learn so many things like the floor price of the NFTs, their volume, sales, and other average prices. 

This platform makes it very easy for learners to make use of their platform for all their analyses. 

They also have a premium subscription, you get detailed information of all NFT collections available. 

#10 Crypto.com: 


crypto.com is a tool that helps you carry out research on all the information you need and also all the NFT that is trendy at the moment. 

You can also get to track different NFT collections and check out the best prices and also the best time to invest. 

Crypto.com has a lot of advantages if you are an NFT enthusiast ND is definitely worth a shot. 


NFTs have gained a large momentum over a short period and a lot of money has been made in the course of selling NFT. 

Having the best NFT tools is very important if you want to be a successful NFT collector or trader.

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