10 Best Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near Me in the United States & Others Countries

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If you are on this page, probably you are searching for where to trade gift cards for cash. Or you want to know the best gift card exchange kiosk near me.

Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near me

Maybe you are wondering what store buy gift cards for cash. Search no more, this article will give you break down on how to sell your gift cards for money.

Selling gift cards for cash should not be difficult, most especially when your cards are valid. Nevertheless, most people find it challenging to convert their gift cards to money.

Stick to this page to search our top gift card exchange kiosk in the United States.

List of the Best Gift Card Exchange Kiosk near Me

Searching for the best gift card exchange kiosk near me is not easy to research. The list below is some of the best gift card exchange kiosks to sell gift cards for cash instantly. These sites give users the best value than any other site. Below is the list;


Raise is seen as the overall best gift card exchange kiosk in the United States to sell your gift card for the money.

They are swift and efficient; among all the nearest gift card exchange kiosks in the US, they give the best rate for your card. Raise is user-friendly, highly responsive, and informative. Their site layout is top-notch.

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You can easily access where to sell or buy gift cards without a third party. You can try them out if you are looking for a gift card exchange kiosk near me.


Here is another cool gift card exchange kiosk near me. There are many gift cards you can buy or exchange for cash. CardCash is the best option for sellers. It offers enormous discounts on vouchers for big retailers.

Their rate is often higher than other gift card exchange kiosks. They have a well-structured app that is user friendly. Their payout time is fast and smooth.

CardCash also offers users different payment options like PayPal and direct debit payments. This implies that you can get your payment within days, which is more efficient and faster than some other exchange kiosk.

They have been in business since 2010. They give maximum value for your gift cards.

Gift Card Spread

This is another gift card exchange kiosk near me. The site is simple to navigate. It owners users one of the best deals. Gift Card Spread as exchange multiple gift cards for cash to its client base.

It has a large number of gift cards that you can exchange for money.

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You have the advantage of checking the prices of different retailers, card type, and more.

Card Kangaroo

If you ask the question of what stores buy gift cards for cash, Card Kangaroo is your very own answer. They are both buying and selling gift cards platform.

You can use it to exchange your gift cards to cash or use cash to purchase gift cards for loved ones. They have over 1,300 cards and have to render gift card exchange service to over 59, 000 customers. You can trade your unwanted cards with ease.

They accept PayPal and credit cards as a payment option. If you are looking to sell gift cards for cash instantly near me or online, select the merchant, value card, and get an offer from the site.

This gift card exchange stands out among others. If you like to trade your gift card for different cards, select the options, and provide information regarding your card.


Cardpool Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

If you are looking for a gift card exchange kiosk, Cardpool may be your best bet. If you have an Amazon gift card you like to exchange for cash, then this awesome gift card exchange kiosk is a good option.

They offer an excellent rate for your cards. You have a digital wallet through their app, which allows you to buy and sell gift cards with ease. You can also make an online purchase just from the comfort of your phone.

The only disadvantage of the Cardpool app is that it only gives preference to iPhone users.

Cardpool Kiosks

Cardpool Kiosks near me

Cardpool goes beyond an online gift card exchange to offer gift card exchange service through kiosks. The kiosks are located inside another store like Target.

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You can easily find anyone new you by using the Cardpool online map search feature. Once you get the kiosks near me, bring in your unwanted gift cards and exchange for cash. It is simple.


As stated earlier, selling your gift card for instant cash in your given location within the United States is not difficult.

With the list of the best gift cards exchange above, you can effortlessly search through, and know the one closest to you. Remember, each of the gift card exchange platforms listed has their different rate, look for the one that suits you the most.

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