Best Free Antivirus Softwares For Android, PC and Mobile Devices

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any kind of Device you use in accessing the internet whether PC or Android mobile, there’s always a need to protect your devices against Viruses of various types, and that will probably lead to making searches such as best free antivirus services for PCs,

Free Android smartphones and tablets antivirus Apps especially when you’ve little or nothing to spend on buying software online.

Am very sure you should have read many pages regarding why you must protect your devices against Viruses.

Macs need it, Windows PCs need it., Linux machines also need it. since it’s relevant for every PC and mobile device.

But just in case you forget, let me remind you again.

Best free Antivirus Software for PC and mobile devices

One of the most common reasons for failures or problems in computers is the lack of antivirus software, expired antivirus software or even fake antivirus software.

It is an issue which is often overlooked and has dire consequences for the unfortunate computer owner.

Some of the works of a virus on your devices are listed below.

  • Makes your devices run slowly
  • Prevent your devices from booting up
  • Damage parts of the system or amend how the system operates without the owner’s knowledge
  • Be used to steal personal details
  • Move from machine to machine on a network
  • Attack other machines using the machine as a host
  • Send out unauthorized messages and many more.

Having known this, the next question should be ” What is the best free Antivirus for protecting your devices”?

Just like we already know, there are many paid and premium ones as well, but we need to save money here by using the freemiums as a substitute.

Best Free Antivirus for Personal Computers {PC}

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Below are some of the best and most free Antivirus you can use on your PC for protection against malware.

This Antivirus Software gives you over 90% security when you purchase the pro version and on the other hand, the free version also covers a lot of Security Powerbest free antivirus

The software is built for easy understanding. You don’t need any extra techniques in making it work on your PC. Simple and very easy to use with a good interface.

 If your computer running slow or malfunctioning, or you are noticing some usual activities you can try this Antivirus whether the free or paid version.Antivirus Apps For Android Phones

Unlike other Antivirus Software that might need some technicalities during installation, it’s not applicable here. 

If you can install every other software then you can. setup Avast as it’s very easy and simple to understand even by a computer newbie.

Top 1 Bitdefender Antivirus:

Take a look at any rankings of big independent antivirus and Bitdefender’s premium security products always rise to the top. 

Bitdefender is one of the best Antivirus programs that offer both free and paid solutions for users.
best free antivirus
If you just need good malware protection on your PC, then Bitdefender’s free edition will do a great job of protecting you against the latest threats, a piece of malware in circulation. 

However, if you want full protection including online protection and encrypted data transmission, then you will have to pay for it.

 Its Pro version is $38.97/year for 3 PCs.

In the latest test results from AV-TEST, Bitdefender has a perfect score and they have stayed above 98% average in all the tests since 2010. 

Bitdefender is also known for having a very simple setup process and being light on resources. 

Bitdefender is the go-to solution for everyone who needs a simple antivirus program that offers optimum protection.

Its simple interface won’t overwhelm you with options, and automation means you don’t have to actively manage it. 

It was also designed to be light on system resources, which is a bonus, as some antivirus apps can be resource hogs.

There are however one or two issues;

  • It grabs more resources than average.
  • – It might conflict with some programs.

But the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019 is still a likeable package which offers excellent detection rates, great performance, and more than enough bonus features to justify the price.

 Bitdefender Internet Security 2019 builds on AVP 2019 and triples the number of devices covered plus offers anti-spam, firewall, parental advisor and file encryption features.

Top 2. Avast best Free Antivirus:

Avast and AVG haven’t yet fully merged, despite the former formally acquiring the latter in mid-2016. 

The newly combined company says the two free antivirus products will remain separate, although there’s apparently a joint AV package on the way soon.

 Obviously, though, Avast now has a lot more data to work with, having expanded its effective user base (and, therefore, its threat detection network) to a whopping 400 million users.
Avast best free antivirus

Avast is known for its free antivirus solution that offers reliable protection and fulfils all basic requirements of the users. 

With Avast free version, you will get complete real-time malware protection and along will the ability to scan your PC using Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Boot-time Scan.

 You will also get some other handy features like an automatic software updater, browser add-ons remover, network scanner and protection against malicious websites.

The latest edition of Avast Free Antivirus adds an automatic gaming mode to mute popups and reduce system load when you’re firing up a processor-hungry game, which is very handy indeed, and the interface has been given a clean new overhaul. 

There’s a password manager, too, which is an undeniably good addition to your security portfolio.

It scores well on AV-TEST’s widespread malware benchmark and continues a clean sweep against 0-day attacks – presumably that expanded detection network is really helping.

Avast is highly customizable and lets you make changes to everything from whether to make a sound when threats are detected and how long notifications should remain on the screen, to the kinds of file extensions that should be scanned.

Although Avast secured a slightly lower protection rating than some other options (99.6%), it’s still very high.

 It has also had relatively low resource usage, making it unlikely to noticeably slow down your computer.

 Its simple, easy-to-use interface means you don’t need an instruction manual to get it set up.

Avast is a solid choice for anyone looking for a free antivirus. There’s a reason it’s one of the most popular options out there.

Here are some more features supported in Avast Free Antivirus:

  • Scheduled scans
  • – Custom scans that can check only the memory, rootkits, auto-start programs, etc. Custom scans are easy to save for use in the future.
  • – Checking all files or just certain file extensions
  • – Identifying files by their content instead of their suffix
  • – Scanning for potentially unwanted programs.
  • – Can scan within lots of archive file formats like self-extracting DOS and Win32 executables, CHM, ACE, 7Z, RAR, TNEF streams, Mac archives, ISO, and more
  • – A Rescue Disk can be created that lets you use the Avast scanner even if you can’t start your computer
  • – Particular areas of the program can be protected with a password
  • – Lets you enable Do Not Disturb Mode to deny notifications from other apps while you’re using one in full-screen mode

Although all these amazing free features, you should note that the password manager, SecureLine VPN, and Cleanup tools are only trial versions that will expire after so many days. 

There’s also a firewall, file shredder, and sandbox feature that’s unusable in this free version.
If you are looking for Internet protection, then you might like to try out Avast Pro.

As far as the test results are concerned, Avast does sometimes skip 0-day malware attacks with an average of 96%. 

However, its free version and low prices make it perfect for an average user.

The price of the Premium version is $39.99/year for a single device
Avast Free Antivirus is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Top 3 Kaspersky Best Free Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus Software for computers provides an accurate, reliable antivirus engine. 

It is also user-friendly because of its basics-only feature set and limited technical support.

Kaspersky Best Free Antivirus

Just like its Mobile counterpart, Kaspersky Antivirus software for computers also has free and paid/premium versions.

Kaspersky Free really makes it hard for viruses and trojan horses to break through it. 

And we love that it doesn’t constantly pester you with nudges to upgrade to the full version. 

As you would expect, Kaspersky Free is a scaled-down version of the full program but comes with amazing features such as privacy protection and safe payment sandboxes to concentrate on powerful, no-frills and – most importantly – free protection for your PC. 

The result is tremendously easy to use and navigate a bit of software that does an effective job of keeping you protected from viruses.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 isn’t expensive to buy and yet affords much better protection to your PC (or PCs). 

The standard price is $29.99 to protect three computers and includes more muscle when it comes to preventing ransomware, spyware, and Trojans.

The paid-for version of Kaspersky’s Windows (Computer) security software frequently tops charts of best virus prevention solutions and AV-TEST once again gave it full marks across the board in its latest round of testing.

Antivirus Apps For Android Phones

Below are some lists of antivirus software for android mobile phones. You can get all of them by searching their names on the google play store


Avast protects a lot of users worldwide on multiple platforms from viruses. 

With a single tap, the antivirus engine scans for any dangerous or infected apps and trojans, and provide complete protection against spyware and viruses. 

There are other features like a call blocker, Anti-theft, power saver, RAM booster, Junk Cleaner, Firewall for a rooted Android device, Web shield, Wi-fi scanner, and a photo vault. 

Avast Mobile Security in Details;- 

Virus Scanner: Virus and malware scanner automatically scans for infected/dangerous apps and Trojans upon use.

 Scanning also includes Web & file scanning for complete mobile protection and also protects against spyware and viruses.- 

Phone Cleaner: The app instantly cleans up unnecessary data, junk files, system caches, gallery thumbnails, installation files, and residual files.

 It also gives you more control over which categories of data to clean. 

This helps free space and makes phone operation faster.-

 Call Blocker: When you add phone numbers to your blacklist, you automatically block callers you don’t want to talk to or receive messages from instead of ignoring their calls.

Internet Protection: Scans and blocks malware-infected links, as well as trojans, adware, and spyware (for privacy and safe Web browsing, e.g. Chrome) and also fixes mistyped URLs.

 – Gallery Vault:  Allows you to protect and hide access to your photos, videos, songs etc with a PIN code. 

After moving them to the Vault, they are encrypted and hidden.

 – Power Saver: Reduces your device’s battery consumption by adjusting the set of certain settings such as the Wi-Fi, synchronization, Bluetooth and screen settings that drain your battery the most.

– VPN: This keeps your online activities private, secures your online transactions, and changes your location to access content from anywhere.
This app uses the Device Administrator permission; This permission allows you to remotely lock and wipe your device.

 It also has Accessibility permission to protect the visually impaired and other users against phishing attacks and malicious websites.

It should be noted that not all these amazing features are free as it has some in-app purchases with which you can remove ads and access the app locking facility, along with some other advanced features like SIM security, camera trap, etc.


AVG AntiVirus is a robust antivirus software tool, developed by AVG Technologies which is a subsidiary of Avast software.

 It features most of the standard functions necessary in modern anti-virus and internet security programs such as periodic scans, Wi-Fi security, junk cleaner, ram booster, call blocker, power saver, etc.

Some highly useful features are only available for a trial period of 14 days. 

AVG also has a few add-on apps such as AVG Cleaner, AVG Secure VPN, Alarm Clock Xtreme, and Gallery app available in the Play Store for free.

  • It scans apps, games, settings, and files in real time; 
  • Boost speed by killing tasks that slow down your device; 
  • Extend battery life with Power Save; 
  • Clean unnecessary files to free up space; 
  • Lock sensitive apps with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint; 
  • Enable locating your lost phone via Google Maps™; 
  • Hide private photos in an encrypted Vault; Stay anonymous with VPN; Scan Wi-Fi networks for threats and also check Wi-Fi download and 
  • upload speed; Get insight into the permission level of installed apps.

With AVG AntiVirus FREE 2019 for Android, you’ll receive the effective virus and malware protection, a phone locator, task killer, app lock, call blocker, Wi-Fi Scanner, and photo vault to help shield you from threats to your privacy and online identity. 

This app uses the Device Administrator’s permission. 

This permission allows you to remotely lock and wipe your device from
This app uses Accessibility permission to protect the visually impaired and other users against phishing attacks and malicious websites.


Bitdefender Antivirus Free is a powerful antivirus tool that offers protection against all major Android threats. 

It was awarded Best Android Security Product of 2015, 2016 and 2017 according to AV-TEST. 

It is the most advanced cybersecurity app for Android that gives your devices absolute protection against viruses and malware.

It is one of the most lightweight antivirus apps that uses in-the-cloud scanning technology that results in super-fast scanning ability (6 – 15 secs of scanning, you might feel it didn’t even scan your phone at all because of the speed). 

It does not slow down your device or drain your battery. The app also offers real-time protection and scan apps as they are installed.

Bitdefender also has a paid version (Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus), which gives you 14 days of the free trial.

 To protect your Android after the 14-day trial oversubscribe to Bitdefender Mobile Security, to access more advanced features of Bitdefender such as Malware scanner, account privacy, web sec

Bitdefender also has a paid version (Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus), which gives you 14 days of a free trial.

 To protect your Android after the 14-day trial oversubscribe to Bitdefender Mobile Security, to access more advanced features of Bitdefender such as Malware scanners, account privacy, web security, Anti-theft, and App Locker.

MALWARE SCANNER; With an independently proven 100% detection rate, Malware Scanner is always up to date with the latest intel on viruses and automatically scans apps for malware as you install them.

Autopilot; – The Autopilot has been designed to give you deeper insights into your security posture.

Account Privacy; – How safe is your email address? Now you can find out whether your account details have been leaked or not by simply running a check with Bitdefender Mobile Security.

Smart Unlock; – When you’re using a trusted Wi-fi such as your home hub, Smart Unlock grants you direct access to your apps by disabling the PIN.

Fingerprint Sensor Support Unlock secured apps with the tip of your finger.

Pin Time-out It provides for a 30-second timeout after 5 consecutive incorrect attempts to access your PIN-protected apps.

Web Protection: Web Protection detects malicious content and keeps your browsing safe for the most popular browsers.

Anti-theft Lock, geo-locate, sound an alarm and wipe your Android from any Internet-connected device. 

Anti-Theft even allows you to listen in on your phone, and send out SMS commands. It will also alert you in case the SIM card has been changed.

Snap Photo Your phone will snap a mugshot of any person who tries to tamper with your phone in your absence.

WearON Extend Bitdefender Mobile Security to Android Wear devices.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Android is compatible with Android devices running Android 4.3. It also requires device admin permission.


Kaspersky is one of the best antivirus apps for Androids. The app is very good at picking up on malware, with a detection rate of 99.9% according to AV-Test’s trials from November 2017 to date.

It offers a huge range of features in addition to the antivirus itself, including found my phone, Anti-theft, anti-phishing, call blocker and a web filter too. 

Kaspersky mobile antivirus for Android is compatible with Android devices running from Android 4.1 with a minimum screen resolution of 320 x 480.

Kaspersky mobile antivirus for Android makes available free and paid versions of the software.

The free version of its security app is available with some impressive but limited features.

Kaspersky mobile antivirus for Android (Free) includes the following features:

Security Kaspersky mobile antivirus for Android provides users with advanced and reliable protection in order to keep the device safe and protected against mobile threats and dangers.

 The security application provides users with a background check feature that scans installed applications for malware, spyware, and other infections. 

In addition, antivirus protection provides a virus-cleaning feature by blocking malicious applications, dangerous links, and other mobile threats.

Privacy Kaspersky mobile antivirus for Android takes care of your phone privacy if it falls into wrong hands when lost or stolen. 

Do not worry that your sensitive or private information might be seen, the app enables wiping your personal or sensitive information such as pictures, videos or messages even without being with your phone. 

Also, the security application will help you track and find your lost or stolen device. 

It also enables you to set an alarm remotely, lock it, and even take a mugshot of the person using the device in real time.

Android Wear Kaspersky mobile antivirus for Android also supports Android Wear in order to simplify security management so users are able to control their security features through their smartwatches.

 This way, you can activate the find my phone function, run a scan or get protection status updates.

Simplicity Kaspersky Internet Security for Android provides users with easy online control of security features and more.

You can download Kaspersky Internet Security for Android for Free at the Google Play App store.


Norton Security is no doubt one of the most reliable and best antiviruses for android. Proactive antivirus protection and security to go mobile with confidence. 

It helps protect your Android devices against threats such as malicious apps, theft, and websites designed to steal your information and money.

The latest version of Norton antivirus software offers impressive Android security features even in the free version. 

The app mostly provides a 100% detection rate and removes malware, spyware, or Android viruses that can slow down your device.

It also has separate stand-alone apps such as app locker and password manager which are available for free in the Play Store. 

The advanced premium features are available for a trial period of 30 days.

 Norton Security & Antivirus is an award-winning mobile security and virus protection app.

 Android Antivirus: This Scans and help remove apps that have malware, spyware, or an Android virus that can harm or slow your device.

 Wi-Fi Scanning: This Helps your device stay safe when connecting to public Wi-Fi by notifying you if a connection is insecure

Safe Search: In-app search engine connects to Symantec’s global threat database to flag unsafe sites right in your search results

Call Blocking: This allows you to block unwanted, SPAM and junk calls on your phone.

 Lost and stolen phone protection tracks your device’s location and saves the last known location when the battery level is critical, sounding an alarm, or taking a Sneak Peek photo of anyone using your device without them knowing.

Premium Features(Free 30-Day Trial1)

WiFi Security helps your device stay safe when connecting to public Wi-Fi. 

Wi-Fi Security alerts if an unknown party on the same Wi-Fi network is spying on your online activity, known as a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack

Get real-time alerts when an incoming call is from a known Spam or Fraud number based on FCC and FTC blacklist and automatically block the call (the US only)

Web Protection offers comprehensive security while surfing online to help protect you against visiting malicious and phishing sites

Ransomware protection helps detect and helps stop active ransomware attacks on your Android device

Android System Advisor helps to scan your device and Android OS to identify points of attack that can leave you exposed to cyber threats, potential privacy risks, high battery, and data usage or intrusive behavior before download.

Wipe a lost or stolen device’s information remotely to help protect your private information

Sneak Peek uses the built-in webcam to take a photo of anyone using your device once you list it lost or stolen (webcam-enabled devices only)

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