The 10 Important Best Android Apps For Your New Android Phone

Best Android Apps -

With over 3.3 million apps in the Google play store, it would be a daunting task for you to search through the never-ending directory to get the Best Android Apps you would need for your new Android phone.

Although you would skip to the popular section of the Google Play store to pick the best apps, you might still be wondering if these apps are really as good as they say and that is why you might be searching for the best and popular apps for your new Android phone.

We took our time to go through the apps in the Google Play store and chose the best of the best of apps in the store. Our list consists only of the best functional apps which will perform efficiently.


1. Office Best Android Apps: WPS Office + PDF Apps

Office Apps: WPS Office + PDF Apps- Previously known as Kingsoft Office, the WPS Office is an office suite for Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android. The app consists of WPS Writer (just like MS Word on your computer), WPS Presentation (similar to MS PowerPoint) and WPS Spreadsheet (similar to MS Excel).

The app is the best option if you are someone who wishes to type and edit documents with your Android phone. You can also create and edit spreadsheet documents and make presentations through this app with your Android phone.

The WPS Office app has a free version which offers every feature you would need while working on a document so you don’t have to worry about getting its premium version.

With over 1.2 billion downloads, you can certainly trust this app to be effective and efficient.

You can download the app HERE.


2.Instant Messaging Apps: WhatsApp

 Instant Messaging Apps: WhatsApp-

 WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app that allows you to stay in touch with your friends and family anywhere and anytime.

The free app which is now an alternative to SMS is a must have for your new Android phone as it offers a more secure, simple and reliable messaging service on your Android phone.

WhatsApp also allows you to send and receive photos, documents, and videos and also make voice calls, which arguably makes the app the best messaging app for your Android phone.

You can download the app HERE


3. File Sharing Apps: Xender

File Sharing Apps: Xender - zenithtechs.comXender is a mobile file transfer and sharing app. The app which is way faster than any Bluetooth version ever made allows you to share files, music, photos, videos, contacts and even apps without consuming data.

The app also supports cross-platform file transfer and sharing which means that you could transfer and share files between Android and iOS and to PC/MAC computers.

With over 700 million users all over the world, this app tops the list of the best file transfer and sharing apps.

You can download the app HERE


4.Video Player Apps: Mx Player Best Android Apps

Video Player Apps: Mx Player-


With over 6 million downloads, Mx Player is the most powerful and popular video player app for Android.

The app allows you to stream videos and supports over 10 different video files formats including FLV, AVI, MOV and MKV.

Others features of the Mx Player include super HD Video support, zoom in and out options, multi-core decoding, playback features, and subtitles support.

You can download the app HERE


5. Photo Editor Apps: PicsArt

Photo Editor Apps: PicsArt If you love taking great photos, then PicsArt is the right app for your new phone.

PicsArt is an image editing app which allows users to take and edit pictures. The app which is also a drawing application allows you to draw layers on photos and you can also share your images with the PicsArts community.

Although the app has a free version, it also offers a premium version which has a monthly and annual subscription. But no need to worry, the free version also offers all the features you would need to perfectly edit your photos.

You can download the app HERE


6. Launcher App: Action Launcher App

 Security and Antivirus App Avast Antivirus Apps -zenithtechs.comAlthough your Android phone comes with a launcher app, it is advisable for you to get a third party launcher app, as third-party launcher apps offer more features, flexibility and better organization for your Android apps.

There are so many free Android launcher apps on the Google Play store but we recommend you go for the Action Launcher app as it’s the quickest and lightest launcher app for most users.

You can download the app HERE


7. Social Media Network Apps Instagram

Social Media Network Apps Instagram- zenithtechs.comIf you love taking lots of photos, then you would probably need somewhere to share them to show your friends how photogenic you are. Well, Instagram is the right choice as the photo and video sharing social network has one of the largest user bases which means your friends and family would probably be on the network and see your photos.

You can download the app HERE


8. Security and Antivirus App Avast Antivirus Apps

 Security and Antivirus App Avast Antivirus Apps: -zenithtechs.comAntivirus Apps are designed to protect your Android phone against viruses and other unsafe apps. These apps also protect your phone from potentially risky settings and even theft.

Advanced Antivirus apps guard against malware, spyware, unwanted calls and many other nasty threats that would put your Android phone at risk.

The best Antivirus in the Google Play store right now is Avast Antivirus which is 100% free.

You can download the app HERE


9. Music Discovery Player Apps: AIMP Best Android Apps

 Music Discovery Player Apps: AIMP - zenithtechs.comYour new Android phone would probably come with its own Music Player but it wouldn’t be wrong to step it up. Many third party Music players offer great features which make them better than the default Android music player.

For example, some third-party music players support many common music file types like FLAC, MP4. They also have more powerful equalizers for better sound effects and support for embedded lyrics.

The best free Android music player in the Google Play store is AIMP.

You can download the app HERE


10 Keyboard Typing App : SwiftKey Best Android Apps

Keyboard App: Swift Key

Once again you would have to ditch the boring default Keyboard app that comes with your Android phone for third-party Android keyboard apps. This is because these third-party keyboards apps offer features such as advanced swiping options, customized layouts, better autocorrect options and gesture typing.

Although keyboard apps have a high risk of getting infected with malware such as keyloggers, you wouldn’t have to worry as Swift Key the best Keyboard app offers extra protection against malware.

You can download the app HERE.

That concludes our list of The 10 Important Best Android Apps For Your New Android Phone. You can check out and download the apps listed above and give us feedback on your experience with the apps.

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