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Amazon gift cards Rewards are one of the fastest-growing and can even be described by many as the best means to buy products whether online or in-store.

It is being accepted by many stores right now like it’s a currency.

5 best amazon gift cards rewards site

People are looking for means to get free gift card rewards now as this almost sounds like free money.

There are a number of websites or platforms that are willing to give Amazon gift card rewards for the sole specific activities carried out on their website and these include:

List Of Amazon Gift Card Rewards Site

Survey Junkie

This is one website you can easily get started with if you are really looking for free gift cards online.

Survey junkie is a website which wants individuals to carry out really small tasks for a little price and this price involves gift cards and these gift cards usually are Amazon gift cards.

This means that if you want to start getting Amazon gift cards rewards freely online, you should probably start from here. It is a legit survey website that allows you to give your opinion about specific products and services.

With survey junkie you could probably get surveys to do every single day and this means you would actually get a lot more chances to get and increase your free Amazon gift card worth on this platform.

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Many other sites actually offer survey opportunities too, but no one beats survey junkie at the survey game, guess this is why it is the best on it part.

Another website usually send about 3 to 4 surveys for each individual a month and the rewards for this are not quite awesome.

So here’s how it works. Many times, you don’t just get free gift cards, you earn points for every single survey you complete, and it gets to a stage where you point is worth a specific amount of gift card, and you can let it accumulate if you want.

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Apart from Amazon gift cards you also get cash via PayPal, so if you are looking to get free cash from PayPal, then this is surely a site for you to try.

Swagbucks Amazon Gift Card Rewards 

Swagbucks amazon gift cards rewards

Another website that lets you get free Amazon gift card rewards is Swagbucks. This is one of the most popular side stuff people do to get some extra cash and trust me, there are not enough people ever into this.

There is always space for a whole lot more. Swagbucks, just like survey junkie let you carry put activities like surveys and they still pay you in cash or give Amazon gift card rewards. You also get paid for game shopping testing as well as product web searches.

Swagbucks is actually a lot more complex and a lot more fun than all these, it more as you get paid for having fun.

You get Amazon gift card rewards for watching videos from any niche and category as well as completing small tasks to get some small points too which all amounts finally to that big thing you waiting for.

Swagbucks has been around for a while and it keeps winning the heart of new users and even makes sure old users keep staying because it has proven to be quite reliable and nothing dubious or suspicious about it.

It has since grown popular and more popular gaining users daily because making money on Swagbucks is quite easy because you just do the things you do every day, but this time, you get paid for it.

One great advantage of Swagbucks is that you don’t have to go all the way to earning 10 dollars on the website before you can get the Amazon gift card award.

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You can get it for as low as 3 dollars, this means that you have to go through less stress, less hassle, and less patience to get that long craved gift card reward.

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion Amazon reviews

This is one of the biggest survey payers in the survey market although not the most popular, they get as much as 50dollars for every survey you complete.

They don’t do only surveys, as usual, they also pay for to test some product of some particular companies.

This way you can be able to give them actual surveys and opinions about the product since you have used it.

This is very important because each person who decides to use this website decides to be one of the controllers of what enters the market, what stays and what goes out.

So apart from the monetary rewards, one earns from doing these surveys, you also become one of the people who is contributing to the economy.

This platform is one that will give you free Amazon gift cards Rewards and give you that liberty to store them and let them accumulate till you want them.

This platform pays more when you do surveys than when you do product testing, the only downside is that surveys are not quite frequent with this website, and this is so extreme that it’s only a few times in a full year you would get any surveys at all.

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Most times it is advisable that you don’t belong to this survey website alone to get your Amazon gift card rewards.

You could join a few together with this one. Although the surveys don’t come often when it finally does, it is usually worth the wait.


This is one of the oldest rewarders you would find. They have been on for years and they have to keep rewarding their members and have not failed.

It brags about 5 million members or more. Using this platform is quite easy and straight forward. There are two ways to join lifepoints. You can join lifepoints using the app or the software.

Life Points amazon gift cards rewards

Lifepoints also is another website they pay you for your activities on their website. Many of these activities involve surveys which is the most popular in many websites and well product testing.

The surveys are done by people on this website usually is broad and contain so many areas of knowledge.

Another thing to love about this platform is that it lets you give surveys on things that are fun and things that won’t bore you.

You could give surveys on particular trending event, trending products, trending movies etc. It could even be an eye-opener and it could be educative.

This is a good way to earn free Amazon gift card rewards. This website allows users from outside the US and this also, means they can earn with equal opportunities just like the citizens.

Apart from earning an Amazon gift card you could also earn cash prizes too.

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