2019 Best Google AdSense alternatives for publishers

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Have you gotten AdSense ban or suspension and you’re looking for AdSense alternatives with fast approval or AdSense alternatives that pay even with low website traffic? then this article will be of the guide.

The truth is that using AdSense in making money has not been very easy in the sense that it goes with many strict policies guiding publishers.

I don’t doubt that the numbers of suspended and ban AdSense accounts are more than the active ones. Most at times, it’s very annoying seeing your ads suspended when you don’t even know what policy you’ve violated.

The reason why AdSense becomes more strict is the fact that you can’t care for your AdSense from invalid activities no matter how you try because even when you care what about your clickers? do they also care?

It’s a good thing bloggers know AdSense alternatives that work even with low traffic though you’re an AdSense publisher or not. For this reason, you can carry on with other ads networks even when AdSense breaks your heart.

In this article, I shall be listing some best ads networks you can use in place of Google AdSense to earn money from your website. However, it may also please you to know that these ads networks cannot be better than Google AdSense but you can still earn good cash from them.

2019 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Below are some lists of best ads networks you can use in place of Google AdSense.

  • Propeller Ads AdSense alternatives

    Just like you may have learnt that AdSense and media Nets shows quality ads it may also please you to know that among the AdSense alternatives propeller Ads is an answer to what publishers seeking to earn money from their websites has been searching for.

    propeller AdSense alternatives

    Propeller Ads is very easy to use as even a newbie can understand the dashboard. You get various Ads types as a publisher such as

    PopUnder, Native Direct Ads, Interstitial mobile ads, Dialogue ads/Push up ads for mobile, Banner advertising for all standard size, Push Notification Ads.

    Propeller Ads network minimum payout is just $25 and you can cash out via PayPal and Payoneer payment methods. You can get started right away monetizing your small website traffic with propeller Ads

  • Revenue Hits AdSense alternatives:

    Revenue hits are one among the AdSense alternatives which has been existing since 2008 with instant approval unlike Google AdSense and others which might take time to approve your website. With Revenue hits, even sites with absolutely low traffic can earn money.

    Revenue hits display only CPA (cost per action ads on your Blog/website) which means you don’t earn for clicks or impressions instead you earn when readers take action like Submitting their email, completing a survey, Filling some forms, making purchases etc.

    Revenue hit pays with the bank transfer, PayPal and Payoneer when you reach the threshold of $50.

    If you have good traffic that’s converting you will earn more from revenue hits Ads network. Check out here to signup

  • Amazon Associate

    Without a doubt, Amazon is the largest online store worldwide where varieties of products are posted for sales such as mobile phones, Computers and other gadgets at affordable rates.

    amazon AdSense alternatives

    While Amazon doesn’t pay for CPC or CPA (cost per action), they pay some good commissions when users make purchases via your affiliate links.

    With Amazon associate program You get promotional banners you can add to your website and product list where your readers can easily make purchases.

  • Chitika Ads Network

    If you want to display Ads on your website just like Google AdSense and earn when users click on your ads. One other good side of Chitika Ads is that you can use them alongside with Google AdSense.

    AdSense alternatives

    I personally tried this for months without any side effect. In addition, Chitika pays when you reach $10 via PayPal and $50 via Check which isn’t bad for starters.

    Chitika is easy to approve even with low traffic websites and easy to integrate with easy to understand users interface.

    Though Chitika earns money even from low traffic websites, it will also please you to know that their CPC is extremely low especially for non-European countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and In fact all Africa countries.

    In that case, you will mostly earn well when you get traffic from top countries like USA, UK, Canada etc. and you also get paid via CPM and not just CPC.

  • PopCash Network:

    If you’re looking forward to getting started with pop under Ad networks then you should give PopCash a try as it offers every great quality of pounder ads with good earning from all countries worldwide.

    AdSense alternatives

    They give 80% revenue share with easy approval and with quick payment when you reach $10 via assorted payment methods such as Paypal, Paxum, Payza, Webmoney, Skrill, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer.

    The website also has a nice interface and very easy to understand for both PC and mobile users. In addition, you earn 10% referral commission as a publisher.

  • CPM Lead:

    Here you only earn from Cost per mile with various banner sizes on your website and you get paid when you reach $5 via PayPal payment method.

    The minimum threshold is good for starter websites as you can withdraw easily without having to wait long to reach payment threshold.

    CPM Lead also pays 15% publishers referral commission and 35% when you refer advertiser. In that case, you can earn more money referring advertisers to use their network.

  • Galaksion Ads;

    Galaksion offers various ads formats: CPC, CPM, CPL and CPA and Publishers have access to following ad formats: Screensaver, Pop-under, Pop-up, Slide banners, video ads, Interstitials and sponsored links. For more formats, publishers must contact the support team.

    AdSense alternatives

    The sizes of display banners are as
    follows : 300X250, 240X400, 600X200, 468X60, 728X90 and 160X600.

    You get paid via direct Bank deposit or wire transfer when you reach €100 (100 Euros) this made it very hard for most publishers since majority prefer PayPal payment option which isn’t available.

  • InfoLinks Network

    One good thing about infolinks is that it doesn’t show annoying ads to your readers instead it underlined your keywords from your articles and turn them to advertisers link. this will also make you get more clicks since most readers will think it’s internal linking from your site.

    infolinks AdSense alternatives

    There are various ads formats and you can also customize your ads like colours and others. You get paid via PayPal, eCheck, ACH and
    Payoneer when you reach $50 and Wire Transfer OR Western Union when you reach $100

    Infolinks Is also a CPC network which means you earn when your readers and website visitors click on your ads just like Google AdSense

    Infolink is one among the best AdSense alternatives for publishers and you can make good money with it especially when you get traffic from countries like the USA and other European countries.

  • Media.Net:

    Media ads network offers publishers various ads formats and pays them for clicks on their Ads.

    medie AdSense alternatives

    Media Net is yet another good AdSense CPC alternative which pays you when readers click on your Adverts through your websites.

    You get paid when you reach $100 via Paypal and Wire transfer depending on the payment method you prefer during withdrawal. Their ads are well optimized not to annoy your blog readers

    If you’re looking for good AdSense alternative that pays per click with various ads formats then you can check out Media Net

Wrapping Up: Best AdSense alternatives for Publishers

All of the above Ads networks are trusted and legitimate and can be used to earn from your website.

Remember that the secret to earn large from any ads network is getting good traffic since human are the real ones to click your ads and make conversions.

You can never talk which ads will work best for your website and niche not until you give it a try. that’s why you need some time to do testing on the above Ads to see which one works best for you.

Have you tried any of the above-mentioned ads networks tagged AdSense alternatives? What’s your review? kindly share with us in the comment section and don’t forget to subscribe for more updates.

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  1. Hi, Very helpful article you have written thanks for the info. Am not a blogger yet but it is something I am interested in doing pretty soon. Thanks

  2. I tried placing propeller ad codes to my site and it disfigured it. I’ll try again though as I know from fellow publishers around me that its a good way to earn from your site.

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