App Development in Android Guide: How To Increase Admob Earning

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What Is Google Admob and App Development in Android?

Google AdMob is a mobile advertising company founded by Omar Hamoui, located in Mountain View, California. it’s become a powerful platform for App Development in Android or Apple apps developers to earn money online.

Where google advertises peoples’ companies products or websites on the Apps built by app developers on app development or third-party apps.

App development

Its largest mobile advertising platforms claims to serve more than 40 billion mobile banner and text ads per month across mobile Web sites and smartphone applications. This record is for both Published and unpublished on Google play store

What are Google’s Main Products

Google is a multi-national company that have several products in which serve as a means of earning money online from home.

Most prominent and popular of them *Google Adsense * where website and blog owners monetized their content to make money whenever received have huge buoyant of traffic and adsbygoogle clicks from this page visitors.

Similarly, Google also pay for each uploaded videos to respective YouTube channels , interestingly, Google Admob, is a platforms solely for App Development in Android and App developers.

App developers earn a lot of money when Google display Ads on their App, Admob account of the App owner get credited whenever they get ads clicks, from their  published (play store) and unpublished apps.

So is it possible to make money from the App by clicking the ads by yourself…. Yes!
This method is called Admob Self – Clicking Trick

Note That This method is prone to invalid activity, and May results to account suspension thus it’s at your owner Risk.

App Development in Android Earnings Method

Earning process from Admob involves building a mobile App including for Android, Microsoft apps* that displays google served advertisements.

Perhaps if you are apps developer, or if you don’t know to code or develop apps you can still hire freelancers to help you develop an apps at Fiverr so as to start getting Ads served to your app once your Admob account is approved. Because approval of your Admob account very fast compared to Google AdSense.

Once you create your account and set up your payment info, it will be approved within 24 hours.

Step to Apply for Verified Admob Accounts

Step #1. Create a new Gmail Account

Create or signup for new GMAIL ACCOUNT if you don’t have Gmail account, that bear your real name or business name ensure you use a browser to create and verify your phone number. You can skip the creation process if you have an old Gmail account.

Step #2 Sign-up for Admob Account

On your browser, Go to GOOGLE ADMOB and click on SIGN UP, Register with the Gmail account (new Gmail account or existing account)

Step #3 Admob application form

– Select your country of choice, for me, I will Choose NIGERIA as my country because Google will verify my address after earning up to $10

– Then select your Time zone, for me, I will choose LAGOS, then select US dollars or otherwise choose your preferred currency which you want to pay you

Step #4 Read and understand the terms and conditions.

Accept the terms and condition. Scroll down, to the next form, randomly choose YES and Click continue, you will be notified thus; Admob Account Creation Completed.

Thereafter, an email will be sent to you.

How to Create Admob Ads Units Codes

Step #1 setting and creating Google ads units code

After signing up for AdMob, click on GET STARTED, You will be asked if your App is published on play store or not, choose NO because your App is not on play store yet or otherwise choose YES if you have an existing account

Step #2 choosing adds the unit name

Typed the name of your App kindly input any name of your choice (Nickname, company name), Then choose your device type, (Android or Microsoft apps) I suggest to choose Android [ App Development in Android ] because it’s a most popular device with lots of users, although some are using IOS. But we create Apps for only Android devices*. Choose your device type and click on ADD

Step #3 choose categories of displayed ads units

Choose Ads unit types (Industrial, Banner and Reward), Option for An interface displaying Banner, Interstitial and Reward will appear. We recommend you to choose only BANNER and INDUSTRIAL Ads units. Click on Banner Just beside Ads Units Name, Type Banner1 then click on CREATE AD UNIT.

Then, Copy and Save probably on Notepad your APP ID Banner Ad Unit ID the one that starts with ca-app-pub-….to all the digits.

Step #4 create a new industrial ads code

Then click on CREATE ANOTHER AD UNIT Choose Interstitial And Beside Ad Unit Name, input Interstitial 1 and Click on CREATE AD UNIT then also copy and save in your notepad. And click Done

Update And SetUp Your Payments Method Details.

Step #1 Setting Preferred Payment Method

Click on Menu Bar at the top and select Payments. Then Click on Set Up Payment

Step #2 File Out You Billing Address.

Provide your payment details using:
-your real name (as displayed in your bank account).
-a verifiable address (as displayed in your valid ID card).
-Postal Code (you can use google to get this).
-State (of the address you used)
-Functional phone number.
Finally, click SUBMIT and wait for an approval/verification email (within 24hours and above).

Congratulation, your Admob Account has been Set Up.

Next Stage is to Create or Build Your Android Apps or Admob Apps Using APP IDS GOOGLE Displayed on your apps to start earning directly to your account.

Step #1

Upon Admob accounts approval
You can hire App Development in Android or app developer to help you create or build the app using copied ads unit code, but you can add directly if you are an app developer.
However if beginners you can send us an email requesting us to guide you on how to use it.

Finally if you Interested in Self-Clicking and you want us Implemented App Development in Android Guide to Build auto impression Android App for you

We zenith techs offer such services at cheap prices
For either Account setup / App building alone, it cost #20. or #6000

For both account creation and app building costs #30. Or #8000

Then Send us your information and request to our email address

[email protected]

Including your App Name: Money Android (We only create App for Android phones).

Your Banner Name and ID: Banner 1

Your Interstitial Name and ID: Interstitial 2

After Sending us your information in this format, within the next 24 – 48 hours, your App will be created and sent to your Email.

Then App development Guide will help you can start using the App to view Ads… And Google will pay you.


I hope we have able to cover App Development in Android in this article

How To Increase Admob Earning

  • Ensures to choose low competitive niche for your app
  • Properly do keywords research for your app
  • Create outstanding and engaging contents to review your app
  • Implement all your users suggestions and reviews
  • Ensure to promote your app using both free and paid ads
  • Use Admob Mediation; Try to get more users for the app from Tier 1 countries . There is a huge difference in CPC
  • Implement interstitial ads if you are using banners only
  • Ad placement; Increase interstitial frequency if you are already using interstitial ads (Please don’t annoy users with ridiculous ad frequency. Stay within a fair limit)
  • Allow all type of ads including video ads .
  • Update App Frequently

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