AliDropship Review 2020: Is AliDropship WP Plugin Good For Dropshipping From AliExpress

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There are lots of tools which make dropshipping really easy but not many do it like AliDropship, thus we take our time to write about Alidropship Reviews.

With many merchants turning their sights to AliExpress – one of the largest e-commerce sites, it has become increasingly important to get a great tool that will handle all dropshipping tasks with ease.

Shopify has been the top choice of most merchants but AliDropship comes with something even better.

Although lots of people have heard about it, they are still yet to know all the features they can access while using the plugin. This is why we decided to provide this AliDropship plugin review.

Start WooCommerce dropshipping

Is AliDropship WP plugin good for dropshipping from AliExpress? Well, you will find the answer to this question at the end of this article.

Name: AliDropship Plugin


Owners: AliDropship was founded by Ilya Dolgikh who is the current CEO and Yaroslav Nevsky who is the current COO.

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

AliDropship is a great plugin and could have easily gotten 100 out of 100 points. It’s pricing and features are really great, but, you will still have to deal with the slow shipping time. This is why we gave it 90 out of 100.


  • It doesn’t charge monthly fees
  • Free themes
  • Easy to set up
  • Supports multiple payment options
  • Free to import reviews from Aliexpress


  • Has only a few numbers of themes
  • Does not offer telephone support.

Limited opportunities (Not compatible with most of the WordPress plugins)

How Much Startup Capital You Need to Start Dropshipping with Alidropship

Dropshipping is one the best business model that required little or no money to setup because you are not using your own money to purchase any product, No inventory or physical store.

To answer that, it’s important to know that you can only save money if only you choose right store or platform to lunch your store. So dropshipping with WordPress or woo commerce as remain the best method to start dropshinping, because you will save a lot money from shopify monthly charges in which you can spent up to $1k in total for the accumulated monthy fee plus some paid Apps.

So to start dropshipping with Alidropship the following are what you will need and here are the steps to launching a

  • Pick a niche – $0
  • Build a website – $45 – 250
  • Find suppliers – $0
  • Add products to the website – $0

So minimum would be around $250-400 but I recommend to start with a smaller budget then you call scale up your business.

For the purpose of this alidropship plugin reviews I assumed you know what is dropshipping business models is, but if it’s the case that you are beginner or you are just hearing about dropshipping…. Then I will recommend you to read our dropshipping post it will help you to start your dropshipping career…..

What is the AliDropship Plugin? Alidropship Review

AliDropship plugin provides WordPress web store owners with an easy way to sell products on their blog. Through this plugin, you can turn your WordPress blog into a dropshipping store with products from AliExpress.

All you need to do is browse through AliExpress and import as many products and reviews from previous buyers to your web store.

What is AliDropship Extension?

It’s free chrome extension compatible with lidropship WordPress plugin, to use the plugin you can find it by searching “alidropship extension” on google or chrome extension store and install it.
With it, you can

  • Import Products from to your store.
  • Fulfill Orders Automatically.
  • Filter products who has Shipping with ePacket option.

There are many other plugins that offer this feature but AliDropship stands out. For one, it does not charge any monthly fees like most other plugins.

AliDropship Plugin Versions

AliDropship plugin comes in two versions

Both versions are compatible with WordPress, but the Woo version is designed to work with WooCommerce themes and plugins.

Although the Woo version has more features than the first version, it is a lot more complicated to set up. Beginners should use the first version and then switch to the Woo version when they have gotten familiar with the platform.

Below are the features of both Alidropship versions.

Alidropship Price plans

AliDropship Custom Dropshipping Store

AliDropship offers a Custom Dropshipping store for sellers who do not want to create a store by themselves.

You can order the service and get a fully-ready custom store based on your requirements. You can start making sales through the store once it is delivered to you.

There are three different packages with different features and pricing plans.

Alidropship custom store pricing

AliDropship Custom Dropshipping store is a great option to consider even if you can create your store yourself. The service offers you perfectly optimized themes that have a higher chance of generating conversions and sales

All the necessary marketing tools will be integrated into your website including an automated management system for your product catalog.

This service provides you access to the best practices including premium WordPress plugins that generate conversions.

Alidropship Reviews

AliDropship Plugin Features [Alidropship Review]

AliDropship has a lot of great features. You can find a lot of these features on Shopify, however, AliDropship stands out as it offers these features at a more reasonable price.
Here are some of its best features

Import products with alidropship

Products and Reviews Import

With this feature, you can easily import products from AliExpress to your web store with a single click. You can also import reviews from buyers who have purchased the product which you want to import.

You can do all your importations while browsing through the AliExpress website. You can also add the products to the right categories and watch them appear on your web store exactly the way you want.

[wp-review id=”2945″]

Built-In Image Editor

This feature allows you to edit images on products before importing them to your store. You can use this feature to tailor images to fit with the product description. Edits can be made directly from your WordPress admin panel.

Alidropship Built-In Image Editor

The image editor is very efficient and fast, it allows you to edit the size of the image and add effects, text, and stickers to the image.

Built-in Themes

This Plugin comes with professional themes built specifically for web stores. Although there are not many options, we consider it a great feature as it is free.

Alidropship Free themes

There are WP themes for normal WordPress sites. For WooCommerce sites, there are also WooCommerce themes. All the themes on the site have been proven to generate conversions which lead to increased sales.

Import Reviews

Alidropship plugin have one click button to see all Aliexpress customer reviews that you can choose to import reviews with or without images, pick the countries, translate to any language etc. features. You can also edit reviews, delete images, and upload your own, rewrite the text. Filter when importing, for example, exclude reviews who includes Aliexpress, slow, bad etc

Discount Coupons

AliDropship plugin allows you to offer discounts on the products you sell on your store. When it comes to discounts, there are various types that you are allowed to offer to visitors.

You can offer dollars off, free shipping or percentage off discounts. You can also choose how long the discount will last.

Alidropship Fulfill Order Automatically

Alidropship make the process of fulfillment of order from aliexpresss very easy. After you have get an order, you have to fulfill the order automatically by just one click on “Place Order Button” in the order section. The plugin will automatically visit Aliexpress website, find the necessary product and place the order by itself, filling all necessary details including leaving a message for the seller, like:
We’re dropshipping. No promotions invoices, please! On checkout page and shipping information.

Email List

With this Plugin, you can easily build an active email list. The Plugin collects emails from your customers and you can send them updates on products and discounts anytime you want.

You can also send emails to visitors that leave abandoned carts during the purchase process. This email will remind them that they have left something in their shopping cart. You can also offer them a discount to recover the cart.

WooCommerce Support

The Woo version of the AliDropship plugin offers support to sellers who use the WooCommerce platform.

You get to pick a set of themes and extensions specifically made for the WooCommerce platform. You can also access all other features offered by the AliDropship plugin.

Unlimited Number of Products

You can import as many products as you want from AliExpress to your web store. You can also sell as many varieties of products as you want.

Search Engine Optimization for Products

You can optimize your products for search engines and increase the traffic to your products.

To do this, you simply add product-specific Meta tags, titles, keywords, and description. If done right, you will get more traffic from search engines which will definitely boost sales.

Live Statistics

When running a web store, it is important that you have the correct information and statistics on sales, customer reviews and overall performance of the store. This is why AliDropship plugin allows you to integrate Google Analytics with the site.

By doing this, you will get detailed data about traffic sources and your visitors. You can get data about the traffic sources and your visitors over a period of time and you can also get the live statistics in real time.

If you’re running a discount or promo, this feature makes it easier for you to check the performance of your store and make necessary adjustments.


AliDropship gives you a 12% commission when you order from Aliexpress use a special affiliate link on each purchase finalized on your web store and when products are delivered you get part of the cost back. So that’s extra income.

Shipping Options

With the AliDropship plugin, you wouldn’t have to worry about shipping to customers who are far away. The plugin offers many shipping options. Shipping options are based on item, size, weight and geographical delivery destination.

Payment Options

AliDropship supports many payment options, however, there are a number of countries that will not be able to make use of some of the payment options. The restrictions will depend on the payment option.

Payment options include Payssion, Stripe, PayU, Paypal, Paypal one-click pay, PayUbiz, and 2Checkout.

A payment option like Paypal does not support all countries in the world and it rejects some credit card types. In such a case, the customer can easily switch to other payment options.


Alidropship have pricing system that automated your product price, all have pricing markup section where you can set up desired prices for your store. You can set similar prices to your competitors or choose your own. Don’t make too cheap (you won’t be profitable) or too expensive (no one will buy from you) prices.

$0<Supplier Price<$1=Your Price: $7.95
$1<Supplier Price<$5=Your Price: $9.95
$5<Supplier Price<$30=Your Price: Supplier Price x 2

$30<Supplier Price<$50=Your Price: Supplier Price x 1.75
$50<Supplier Price<$100=Your Price: Supplier Price x 1.5
Supplier Price>$100=Your Price: Supplier Price x 1.35

Customer Support

AliDropship offers exceptional support to its customers. One of the ways to contact them is through their customer support email address. You can also try its social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Before contacting them, you should check out their knowledge base where they have a ton of articles which provide answers to the popular questions. Some of the articles have videos which could provide answers to your question.

Another option is to join the community forum. You get to chat with users and find guides that will help you learn more about the company.

There isn’t any phone number on the site which you can use contact them.

Alidropship plugin prices

AliDropship Pricing

AliDropship Plugin pricing is one of its advantages over other dropshipping plugins. AliDropship charges only $89 for its plugin. Unlike other plugins which charge a monthly fee, you will make this payment only once. The payment covers the

  • AliDropship plugin for WordPress
  • AliDropship plugin for WooCommerce

We love our Audience to save money on your alidropship plugin by applying promotional code and your total price will change from $89 to $66.75 So click on this link to get the Alidropship coupon code

AliDropship Hosting Plan

You can go further to buy a 1-year hosting plan which will cost you $48

If you go for the hosting plan you’ll get free

  • WordPress CMS setup
  • Installation of AliDropship plugin
  • SSL certificate

There are other hosting plans you could go for. Below is a breakdown of its hosting plans and their features.

Silver – $48 per year

  • 3GB of space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • A control panel
  • 20 email address
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Supports up to 5 websites

Gold – $86 per year

  • 8GB of space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • A control panel
  • 40 email address
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Supports up to 10 websites

Platinum – $220 per year

  • 17GB of space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • A control panel
  • 80 email address
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Supports up to 30 websites

AliDropship supports many credit card options for payments. Some of the accepted credit cards include VISA, MasterCard, American Express, DISCOVER, Diners Club INTERNATIONAL, JCB, etc.

AliDropship Vs Shopify

There are a lot of advantages to using the AliDropship plugin. First, it provides you with complete access to your store files. It also allows you to control where you want the files to be. You can move it from one hosting provider to another at any time you choose.

One big advantage AliDropship has over Shopify is the fees charged by the platform. Shopify offers three pricing plans which are quite high for the average seller.

Its Basic Shopify plans costs $29 per month. It might seem affordable but it comes with a lot of restrictions. Its Main Shopify plans costs $79 per month and has fewer restrictions.

The Advanced Shopify plan has no restrictions and gives you access to all the features the platform has to offer. However, you will have to spend $299 per month to get access to this plan.

AliDropship provides you access to all its features which are similar to those offered by Shopify for a lesser amount. With just $89, you can get to use the plugin on your WordPress blog.

You can also add a 1-year hosting plan to your order which costs $48. In the end, you spend only $89 to get to use the plugin for life.

Alidropship Review; Is AliDropship WP Plugin Good For Dropshipping From AliExpress?

AliDropship isn’t just a company that sells a WordPress plugin and e-commerce services, it offers one of the best dropshipping plugins with great features and offers great customer support.

Their services are reasonably priced compared to many others. Looking at the pricing and features, we can conclude that AliDropship is not only good for AliExpress but also great for e-commerce.

However, AliDropship does not improve the shipping time of products. This is a problem many users encounter when using AliExpress. Users would have to wait weeks, if not months to receive their orders when using the AliExpress platform.

If you’re okay with this, then you can go ahead and integrate the AliDropship plugin in your web store.

Wrapping Up AliDropship Review

The AliDropship plugin is perfect for WordPress users that want to dropship but do not want or have the resources to make an online store. It is also for those who have an online store running on a WordPress site and want to start dropshipping.

hope you don’t miss our Entrepreneur Posts

There are lots of testimonies on the AliDropship website that convince us that it is the best dropshipping plugin to go for at its price.

If you’re tired of paying monthly fees on Shopify, you can move over to AliDropship and start off with an easier and more economical way to sell.

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