10 Website to buy Xbox gift card online For a Gamer Friend.

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If you’re looking for the best websites to buy Xbox gift card online for your gamer friend, then you’re on the right page.

Xbox is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world and it provides users with access to tons of action games, movies and TV shows, so getting a gift card for your die-hard gamer friend is probably one of the best things you could ever do for them.

buy Xbox gift card online

There are so many things to love about the Xbox gift card. First, it has no noticeable or hidden fees or expiration date, so you can keep it till you really need to use it. Secondly, it can be used to purchase a lot of things at the Microsoft Store online.

If your friend decides to give up gaming today, he can still use the Xbox gift card to download movies, apps, devices, TV shows, and literally anything on the Microsoft Store online.

The major downside of this gift card is that it can’t be used to make purchases at physical Microsoft Stores.

Without further ado, I’m going to go straight to the point and revel to you the 10 websites where you can buy Xbox gift card online.

1. Microsoft

buy Xbox gift card from Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is the company that own Xbox so it makes sense to put them in the first position. On their website, you can buy an Xbox gift card online and get the Xbox gift card code sent to your email address. You gamer friend can use the code to purchase games, add–ons or literally anything of choice on the Microsoft online.

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On the Microsoft webstore, you get so many options to choose from. You can buy a $1 Xbox gift card or a $100 X gift card.

The purchase process is usually easy and smooth and you should receive the code in a few moments.

2. Jumia

buy Xbox gift card from Jumia

Jumia is the largest e-commerce website in Africa and notably the best option for those living in African countries looking to buy Xbox gift card for their friend without having to worry about conversion rates. On the site, you will find different gift cards with different values, so you would have to search for a while to get to the one that you can afford and feel would be most suitable for your friend.

3. My Gift Card Supply

Buy xbox gift card from My Gift Card Supply

My Gift Card Supply is another working option to consider. Its great for those who live in the US and for one reason or the other prefer to use another medium other than Microsoft to purchase their Xbox gift card.

On My Gift Card Supply, you get multiple options: $10, $15, $25, $50, $100. You can also choose to make the sale a one-time purchase or a monthly or a bi-monthly purchase. Some options on the site offer you discounts and also, the site does offer an occasional discount to new buyers. If you’re lucky, you could save as much as $1.98 on a $10 Xbox gift card.

Buying on the site is very easy. You can make payment by credit card, PayPal or wire transfer and you’ll get a scanned image of your gift card emailed to you.

4. Amazon

buy Xbox gift card online from Amazon

Can I buy an Xbox gift card on Amazon? Of course you can. Amazon is literally the largest e-commerce website in the world and you can find almost anything in there including gift cards from hundreds if not thousands of brands.

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Buying from Amazon is pretty much the same as buying from Microsoft. You get to choose the denomination you want: from 10 – 100. When purchase the Xbox gift card on Amazon, you will receive a download code which you can redeem online.

5. PayPal

PayPal buy Xbox gift card online

Can you trust PayPal to give you an Xbox gift card? Sure you can. With Paypal, you get four denominations; $15, $25, $50, and $100. Though they are not as many as Microsoft or Amazon, here is why I prefer PayPal to the others.

So you’re sending this Xbox gift card to a friend right? The best thing ever would be to send it directly to their email address and probably include a short message for them to know it came from someone that really cares. With Amazon and Microsoft you won’t get this, but with PayPal, you get even more.

You can include their email, your name and a personal message along with the gift card and expect to get the lots of appreciation or maybe a gift card of your own.

Purchasing from PayPal is really simple and the fees are just about the same with other websites. You could watch out for their coupons and discounts and save one or two dollars on your purchase.

6. PC Game Supply

PC Game Supply for xbox gift card

So you live in Australia, New Zealand or probably Canada and you want to get a Xbox gift card for friend that plays Devil May Cry like it’s a do or die affair. Well no problem.

PC Game Supply is right here to supply you with all the gift cards you need. This site offers you many options but you should know that costs are in the United States dollar.

7. Off Gamers

Off Gamers for xbox gift card

When this site loaded on my system, I was like, who does this? I mean who sells a $100 Xbox gift card for $93. Like no one, literally no one does that. But Off Gamers is giving you that option if you’re lucky enough to make a purchase while its promo lasts.

You get lots of options even a $5 gift card and you can get it at a cheaper rate on this site.

8. Card Delivery

Card Delivery xbox gift card

If you’re living in the USA, well Card Delivery offers you an easy way to buy Xbox gift cards with instant email delivery. They are just about the same with other sites listed here in the sense that the Xbox gift card code will be sent to your email address once you make the purchase.

Now, I’ve got to give you this heads up. Card Delivery is great, but you would be spending $2 extra on a gift card if you choose to go for this site.

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I mean their $100 Xbox gift cards costs about $107 which is pretty ridiculous when compared with what other sites are offering.

The best thing about them is that they are trusted and safe.

Other Websites Where You Can Buy Xbox Gift Card Online For A Gamer Friend

So that all on where to buy Xbox gift card online, you can try out any of these sites and give a feedback in the comment box.

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